29 April 2016

NEWS: Nothing says 'I love you' like your face... on toast

My face for breakfast, darling?

Making your partner breakfast in bed is one of the nicest things you can do. Making them toast adorned with an image of your face... well, that will guarantee you sex, every time. Right? If that sounds like the best thing since sliced (and toasted) bread, you need the Selfie Toaster from Hammacher Schlemmer.

This fairly standard toasting device has a unique feature. By sliding in specially designed metal plates you can toast up a slice with the image of your (or indeed, anyone's) mug. By uploading a photo to the company's website and waiting a while for them to laser-cut the plate into your likeness, you'll be able to update your Jesus-like appearance on toast any time you fancy. What larks!

Find out more, at www.hammacher.com/

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