10 June 2015

REVIEW: Aldi Father's Day Range

Dad's the word.

They've targeted anglers, they've set their sights upon cyclists, and they've well and truly aimed their guts out upon skiers and snowboarders. But now it seems that supermarket chain Aldi are, for their latest Specialbuy Range, targeting all of the planet's dads, for this year's Father's Day. We take a look at the Aldi Father's Day Range.

What do dads like? Seriously, we need to know; It's only a couple of weeks until the big day itself and we haven't got a clue what to get ours. Chocolates are far too namby-pamby, whereas hiring a stripper for the night would annoy mum... so what do we do? Easy, we take a look at the following range of goodies from Aldi, as their Father's Day Range (in stores from 11th June) if gift heavy and pretty broad. There is...

A Nine Inch Portable DVD Player (£44.99), a range of Automatic Wristwatches (£24.99 each), a Remote Control Helicopter (£34.99), Leather Golf Shoes (£19.99), a nifty Cocktail Bar Set (£19.99), the standard Golf Balls (£9.99), and obvioulsy the usual Novelty Socks (£3.99), as well as others. Unlike the other Specialbuy Ranges, Aldi have given a great mix of stuff that should offer any awkwardly-stuck child (be they grown-up or not) a gift idea for their old man.

Obviously with prices ranging from the £45 DVD player, right the way to the range of gift cards staring from just 79p, there's something for all tastes and wallets. As usual we were lucky enough to be sent a few items from the list to test, but the one that really stood out to us (because we are so inclined) was the Remote Control Helicopter.

We were actually pretty impressed at how good this was, and having tested a lot of gyrocopters like this that were pushing £100, we were pleased at how well it flew. We always try to keep an eye out for relatively cheap, relatively good RC choppers like this one, as they make great platforms from which to kick-start an interest in flying gadgets. We think that should you and your dad want to start out in something like RC together, this would make the old guy's day.

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