8 June 2015

REVIEW: Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker


The only thing that makes a baking hot day that little bit sweeter is a gallon of water thrown over your head. Water sports, and by that we mean the 'safe-for-work' variety, are a great way to cool off during the summer, with pool parties, water fights, and good old fashion hose-fun (again, safe-for-work) being perfect at this time of year. Unfortunately water and technology tend not to mix very well, so how are we expected to break out the Super Soakers AND listen to our favourite tunes? Easy, get the Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Why? Why on earth should you buy yet another mini Bluetooth speaker; one that can connect wirelessly to your phone, has a range of ten metres, and can be carried about in your pocket? Why? Because this particular cheeky chappy is water resistant, is why. But before we get to that, here's the regular specs that many of you might be familiar with...

The Creative Muvo Mini features Bluetooth connection as well as NFC (should your device support it). It also has a pretty spectacular ten hour battery life, and considering this thing is only seven inches long and weighs just ten ounces, the battery life stands out. Charging of that battery is done by way of the included micro USB cable, an there is even a phono port to plug in you music devices with a wire. You old school dude, you.

Inside there are two full-size micro drivers and also a dedicated bass radiator. Combined these produce some pretty good sounds, and although pocket speakers such as the Muvo Mini are never going to blast you away, the quality and depth of the sound was impressive. Certainly the speaker can blast out enough to fill a room (or medium-sized garden/pool party), and we found particular use for it by the kitchen sink. Not a glamorous position, but at least the Muvo has made doing the washing up more fun, and we don't have to worry about it getting wet, because...

The Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker is IP66 certified, meaning it will survive getting splashed and dripped on, but don't go dropping it in the pool and leaving it there for a few hours. This basically makes it perfect for the summer, when gushes of water might be chucked around by the kids, or childish (yet awesome) adults. The certification also means the Muvo is dust resistant - good to know, especially if, like us, you tend to leave speakers like this on the shelf for a good portion of their life.

So if you are looking for a sub-£50 Bluetooth speaker that is portable and reasonably powerful, the Muvo Mini might snag your attention (and you're dosh) thanks to the water resistant qualities. Well played, Creative.


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