13 June 2015

REVIEW: LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout #75919

Break it down. 

Just as the movie itself is released in cinemas here in the UK, we decided to delve back into the frighteningly fun arena of LEGO's take on Jurassic World. This time round we're bringing out the big guns, reviewing both the largest set in the new range, and the largest LEGO set we've ever built! Its the Indominus Rex Breakout.

First up; the size. The Indominus Rex Breakout (#75919) contains a whopping 1155 pieces, four minifigures, and the awesome Indominus Rex dinosaur itself. Because of all that the price of the set is pushing £100, meaning it is a pretty serious purchase, but one with lots of scope for play. The whole thing took us a total of four or five hours to build, spread over a couple of nights, and as the giant instruction manual splits the set nicely into sections of wall, you feel like you achieve something every time you start to build.

In it's entirety, those 1155 pieces make up a desktop-filling playset with lots going on. The sections of wall (which are designed to contain the aforementioned Indominus Rex dinosaur) can be separated and placed in different positions, ether keeping the dino all locked up, or opening out for more play space. There are some really nice details in the design of both sides of the wall sections, so its great that kids can actually get up close to see them.

Here's the set opened up with the chopper on the ground and the minifigures in play. You get the scientist Dr. Wu, a Vet, a ACU trooper and some kid called Zach. Interesting Zach is designed to fit inside the rolling ball vehicle, which is a cleverly designed bit of kit and which has it's own launcher on the exterior of the compound.

There's also a working crane complete with a payload of chunky meat. The Vet fits in here pretty well and we liked that the crane arm itself is good and stiff meaning it can support a greater weight.

The central control tower is pretty nifty and comes with a nice little office space. Details include a chair that actually swivels, a coffee mug, a computer with the awesome little keyboard tile, and a piece of amber with a mosquito trapped inside. This space in complimented by two opening side doors that lead out onto a viewing platform...

...where Dr. Wu can peer at his captive, clutching his vile concoction and syringe. Pretty cool dart gun mounted there as well.

On top of the control tower is a helicopter landing pad complete with helicopter. In this the ACU trooper can sit, and we really love the spinning rotors and flick-fire missiles. 

Here's the same trooper by one of the 'cracked' viewing windows. One section of the walls can also break-away into pieces, and we assume that at some point in the film the titular Indominus Rex will... breakout. As the set's name suggests. Clever, eh?

Here's Zach's ride, complete with the kid himself. The inner seat is weighted so as the ball rolls, the minifugure stays down (mostly). A really lovely addition to the set.

The front gates are the most parts-heavy bit of the set, and also our favourite. The doors actually do slide open and there is some great detail with the green plants and the zig-zag portal. It is extraordinarily well designed, and once complete will survive more than a few rough play sessions.

The Indominus Rex figure itself uses the same body and legs as the T. Rex model we reviewed with the T. Rex Tracker set last month. However, the head and arms are unique to this set, and the overall model seems slightly bigger than the T. Rex, with more points of articulation in the jaw and hands. Those claws can also grab a minifigure by the legs, so again we're assuming that in the film this beast gobbles up a few bystanders.

Run Zach! Here the dinosaur breaks down the walls...

...and here he is being tamed by Homer Simpson. Obviously.

We absolutely adored both building and playing with this set. Yes, £100 is a lot for LEGO, but the range of play and individual parts included really does make it worth it, we think. This would make a great birthday present, or as a main present for Christmas, and we can imagine it being highly sought after thanks to that gorgeous white dino!


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