23 June 2015

FEATURE: Just in case

Five ways to keep your phone safe this summer.

The summer can bring out the adventurer in all of us; be it conquering a mountain, or jogging to fetch the morning paper. But while an increase in action is great for our health, it can also mean an increase in risk to our smartphones. With that in mind we've tested a few new cases designed to keep your pocket investment safe no matter what you get up to this sunny season.

Urban Armor Gear Scout
This tough, thick, rugged outer hard shell case is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note III. UAG also make cases for all the most popular phones and tablets currently out there, but we tested their mettle on the Note III... and we weren't disappointed. Despite almost doubling the thickness of the device, the Scout offered easy to grip buttons, openings for all the vital ports (including the S Pen), and came wrapped in military-standard drop-proof armour. Also included is an anti-glare screen protector, meaning this case is the full package. We love the industrial-looking design and the brushed metal logo on the back.


Spigen Tough Armor Case

Calm down dear British readers, for although we must tolerate once again the colonial spelling of armour, this offer from Spigen is a fantastic way to protect your iPhone 6. Comprising both a soft inner TPU case and a tough outer polycarbonate shell, the Tough Armor keeps your phone snug and safe, while still allowing access to all the ports and buttons. As well as protecting your phone the Spigen Tough Armor also serves a handy entertainment purpose, as it ships with a credit card-sized stand that slots into the back of the case, propping up your iPhone 6 in a choice of two different angles. Comes in three completely acceptable colours to boot.


XQISIT Slim Wallet Case

If style and convenience matter more than sheer strength, perhaps this case for the Galaxy S6 is for you. The Slim Wallet Case from XQISIT is made from synthetic leather and features a magnetically closing flip cover with slots for your credit cards on the inside. The inner polycarbonate case simply clips onto the back of your S6, providing sturdy shock proofing, while the flip offers further rigidity and also acts as a great screen protector. We liked that it didn't seem as bulky as some wallet flip cases tend to, and when opened up the flip panel (even with credit cards stored in it) folds neatly back to make holding the case and phone a cinch.


Proporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Case

The good thing about taking your phone near water is that water is soft so you don't have to worry about dropping it. However, water is also like poison to electronics, ruining circuit boards and 'bricking' your precious talky-box. If you, like millions of other people, plan to be anywhere near the sea, a swimming pool, a paddling pool, a lake, or a pond this summer... get this. The BeachBuoy from Proporta is a soft fabric case that seals up your iPhone 6 good and tight, preventing water ingress while still allowing you access to the touch screen. Waterproof to a depth of five metres, the BeachBuoy is also sand proof, dust proof, and fish proof - just in case a cheeky cod should try to make off with it. The case also comes with a lanyard so you can stow your phone around your neck, and although it is marketed for the iPhone 6, it will also accommodate other similar sized (or smaller) phones.


BONUS: Zagg InvisibleShield Screen Protector

Do you know what should be your very first accessory purchase for your shiny new phone this summer, even before you think about buying any of the above? A screen protector of course. The screen is the most fragile part of any smartphone, and also the part that gets most of our attention. That is why a decent protector is a must, not just for exciting adventures out in the sun, but for kicking around the house as well. Zagg's InvisibleShield is a damn mighty thing, coming in shapes and sizes to fit the most popular models of phones and tablets. Incorporating material originally designed to protect military helicopter blades, these protectors are easy to apply, are self-healing, protect against scratches and impacts, and are covered by a lifetime warranty. Amazingly, this was the first screen protector we've ever applied to a phone that didn't leave it looking like The Kingdom of the Bubbles. Nice.


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