21 June 2015

REVIEW: Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

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Microsoft are the world's biggest maker of computing software, but despite that we really don't hear all that much about them developing mobile tech. Thankfully there is a device that Microsoft have ploughed their creative genius into, and it is one that all fans of mobile technology will probably need at one time or another. We review the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard.

Let's not beat about the bush too much, this IS just another Bluetooth keyboard to which you can connect your phone or tablet. However, as it is coming from the big boys at Microsoft, we are expecting just a little bit more from it. In terms of design, the Universal Mobile Keyboard is nice and compact at about nine inches wide, and features a simple hinge flap opening. Once opened up that flap - by way of a stand-out notch - serves to prop up your mobile device so you can type happily.

Before you ask if the Universal Mobile Keyboard has been specifically designed for use solely with Windows or Windows Phone (as some might expect), you'll be glad to hear that Microsoft have included a nifty switching switch. Knock it from Android, to iOS, to Windows, and you'll get the best possible connection for those operating systems. We tried it on all three and had no problems at all.

It charges by way of a Micro USB port on the right side, which is where you'll also find the power button which doubles as the syncing switch. One nice design feature that we discovered was that the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard wakes up and goes to sleep as you flip open or close the flap respectively, saving your charge and making the whole process of using it much easier.

In practice we found that most phones and tablets would fit into the flap's notch, although those with protective cases might struggle. There are two possible viewing angles to achieve with the Universal Mobile Keyboard; both of which made typing comfortable, while still allowing easy access to actually touch the screen.

One sour note, however: the outer coating of the flap, which serves to protect the keys while in your bag, is made from a slightly rubberised plastic which attracted dust and fluff more than Dr. Static's patented Dust 'n' Fluff Attract-o-tronic. Only a slight whinge, but we did find ourselves having to wipe it every time we pulled it out.

So... any good? Well, yes, it is. The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is a sturdy thing, and will clearly last a good long while. Unlike many Bluetooth keyboards out there, this one has been designed to make its use and real-world application as easy as possible and we really appreciated that. Regardless of your mobile platform, if you need a solid and reliable keyboard, you have it here.

And yes, this review was written using it. Funny if it was full of typos.


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