22 May 2015

REVIEW: SpongeBob SquarePants Craft Products

"Are ya ready kids...?"

Whooooooooooooo....... lives in a pineapple under the sea? Obviously that would be a certain Mr Squarepants, who, for the past 20 years (and now in a brand new movie) has been entertaining kids of all ages by way of his sub-aquatic adventures. To celebrate the launch of the film, RMS International have created a range of crafting products for kids, based around everyone's favourite talking sponge (SpongeBob, not your own bathroom sponge that you've been chatting to since your wife left).

The range consists of... SpongeBob Blow and Glow, where you can bring SpongeBob to life with your very own balloon which glows in the dark (£2.99), Make Your Own Balloon Models, where you add stickers to balloons to bring the characters to life (£2.99), and SpongeBob Aqua Art, which is a great way of keeping children busy without creating mess (£2.99).

There is also SpongeBob Scribble Art, where kids can scribble over the boards and reveal the hidden images and patterns (£2.99), SpongeBob Bead Creations, in which you will find bead designs for Spongebob and his pet Gary the snail, allowing you to make two separate key rings (£7.99), and finally SpongeBob Bop Bag, so you can practice your kicks, punches, and mad-cap SpongeBob moves (£5.99).

We were sent both the Aqua Art set and the Bead Creations set, and immediately gave them to our four year old reviewer. Just as promised, the Aqua Art allows her - using the included water pen - to get good and sodden while creating a picture. It was perfect for  a younger child, and she really did enjoy splashing water onto the special sheets to reveal the picture of SpongeBob and Patrick. Bless her, she assumed that she's just painted the whole image.

Rather trickier for little hands was the Bead Creations set. Included are hundreds of teeny tiny plastic beads which the kids must carefully place onto a pin board. Once the pattern is created (following the included instructions, which have a good mix of designs) mum and dad are called upon to iron it and therefore melt the beads together, creating the key chain. Try as she might, she never could manage to get all the beads in the right positions, or complete an image without knocking them free. Fortunately, this served as a great activity to do together, and both youngling and daddy had a lot of fun making a Gary the Snail keychain - something she now cherishes even more than the water pictures.

A great range of activities to explore, these sets are fun, tidy and enjoyable - even if you're a 33 year old technology journalist (because who doesn't love SpongeBob?)

Available from most good retailers, for more information visit www.rmsint.com 
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