25 May 2015

REVIEW: Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus Headphones


To be terribly honest withyou, dear readers... here at The Test Pit we tend not to bother all that much reviewing in-ear headphones. General consensus 'round our gaff is that they are uncomfortable and produce less than satisfying sounds, and considering none of us could be described as 'athletic' we don't have much use for them when out running. That all might change however (not the running part), as we've found a pair of in-ear 'phones that are pretty excellent. It's the Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus.

These gorgeous little buds are packed with audio goodness that defies their compact size. Designed to be looped up and over the ear, then gently inserted into the dear lug-hole, we found the Creative Aurvana to be remarkably comfortable, despite our initial misgivings. The buds themselves seem to fit well regardless of ear size (and gender), and we were impressed how the braided cord seems to reduce both tangles and the weird 'contact noise' sound that can make in-ear headphones annoying.

There is a mic and remote along the cord, allowing you to control the volume and handle calls. You get a few extra sized cushion pads for the buds included, as well as an aeroplane connector, a cleaning tool (nice touch, that) and a carry pouch. Yes, a pouch! We love pouches!!!

And the sound... wow. The Creative Aurvana are alarmingly good, especially with bass - something we thought all in-ear headphones were rubbish at. Possibly the secret to the Aurvana's success might be the great fit in the ear, which did a very good job at sealing in the music and keeping outside sounds out. But inside the headphones there is a lot of high-end tech working away to pump out the quality tunes, being powered by their Balanced Armature Tweeter and Woofer speakers, and optimised sound tube design. In a nutshell, we were impressed.

Calls were also very clear, with the other person saying they could hear us well - something we always like to check. After all, why brag about the mic on your in-line remote if you can't actually be heard by your caller? We also really like the added extras with the Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus Headphones (did we mention the carry pouch?) and the robust build and comfortable fit mean that these 'phone will last you a good long while. Colour our minds changed!


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