29 January 2015

REVIEW: STM Skinny Pro iPad Air 2 Case

Skinny fries.

Big fans of their many bags and laptops cases, we're always keen to check out the latest from Australian design company STM. With the advent of the new super-skinny iPad Air 2, STM have stepped up to the mark and produced a durable and usable case to keep you precious cargo safe... the Skinny Pro.

The STM Skinny Pro is both a protective case and a stand for your iPad Air 2, combining a tough core with a foldable screen cover. The case itself is moulder perfectly to the back of the iPad, clipping onto each corner with enough pressure to keep the tablet in place, but not too much to cause any damage. The inside face of the case is also lined with a thin layer of foam cushioning to protect the iPad's glossy behind, while the cut-outs along the edge provide access to the volume and wake buttons.

Speaking of waking your tablet, the cover itself can activate the iPad when opened and then, obviously, put it to sleep when closed. This is a great function we've always loved about the iPad and it works very well with the Skinny Pro.

The cover is jointed about  a third of the way along so it can be folded back and used as a stand. Firm and rigid, we found that when propped up into the typing position the iPad was stable enough to make typing a breeze. Flipped over, the cover also worked very
well as a media stand, angling the iPad for watching TV and films.

One slight complaint; although the included fold-in tongue provides great security to keep the Skinny Pro closed (and therefore keep your iPad asleep, saving battery) we found it was rather tricky to get the thing in. The tongue itself is pretty firm and we had a bit of difficulty getting it to slide in, although this might have just been because our Skinny Pro was brand new. Maybe it will soften up a bit over time. Still, a magnetic sealing tongue would have been preferred.

Available in blue, black, red and black camo, the STM Skinny Pro for iPad Air 2 is a well put together bit of kit and one that is sure to keep your new slate safe and functional.


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