29 January 2015

REVIEW: Revel Body Sol

Good vibrations.

Here at The Test Pit we've never ventured into the world of sex toys before (not professionally anyway) but when we heard about one new innovative sexy gadget we had to take a closer look. Packed with technology, and taking a new approach to 'things that go buzz', we review the Revel Body Sol.

The Sol is essentially a rubberised ball with a hole right the way through the middle of it. That ball is fully waterproof, charges via the USB cradle, and is controlled by three simple buttons on top. What is very clever here is what goes into that hole: the bullet, with a choice of silicone tips, slides in and is held in pace by magnets. The bullet, the part that can be pressed against your body, is vibrated back and forth not by a physical connection but rather from the magnets themselves being manipulated.

This is the part that really caught our eye. As opposed to traditional vibrators that use rotary motors (ie. they vibrate in all directions) the Revel Body Sol uses linear motors to create a back-and-forth movement. This results in the Sol bearing not only more efficient, but more powerful and quieter as well. It will also last a hell of a lot longer than conventional vibrators.

Clearly a lot of work has gone into producing the Revel Body Sol, but it isn't just ground-breaking tech that has been considered. The fact that it can be charged via USB cradle means that it is always ready go (whoopee!) and doesn't require unreliable cell batteries. Also, the body of the Sol is completely waterproof meaning it can be taken into the bath, hot tub, or pool (or wherever you're getting your solo groove on) in confidence. The head of the bullet is also adaptable, and the silicone tips can swapped to a variety of different shapes and textures. Included with the Sol are three to get  you started; the Rose, Fawn and the evocatively titled Ever.

The speed of the vibration is controlled with the + and - buttons either side of the on/off switch, and there is quite a big variance to be enjoyed. At the lower end of the scale the bullet seems to move in and out noticeably, whereas the more you press the + the bullet resounds to vibrate extremely intensely. Fortunately, because of those linear motors the vibrations won't be pulsing through your hand and up your arm, and are instead contained by the ball and channelled through the bullet.

The Revel Body Sol definitely represents the next step in sex toy technology and we'd be more than interested to see what these guys make next.


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