29 January 2015

NEWS: Keepod: The £5 computer in your pocket

Now everyone can be online.

Despite widespread use of laptops, tablets and smartphones, there are still 5 billion people, the majority of the planet's population, who don't have access to their own personal computer. That problem is being tackled by the innovative little gadget Keepod, which is essentially a whole Android operating system contained in a flash drive.

The idea is that for just $7 (about a fiver in the Queen's money) everyone can carry around what is essentially their own computer. All they need to do is plug the Keepod into any computer (be it a brand spanking new PC, or - as in the case of most of the people in the world - an older model and obsolete computer) and they can access Google's Android, along with the many apps, tools and games available to the OS.

This has life-changing implications for places like Africa where often people can't keep up with changing technology trends as they just don't have the right hardware to run the right software. With Keepod they don't need the hardware, as an up-to-date version of Android will run on just about any functioning computer.

And it isn't just the Third World that will benefit. Even here in the UK there are millions of people missing out because new computing hardware is beyond their financial grasp. With just a fiver to spare they can get a Keepod and use that out-dated computer to communicate, learn and play with everyone else.

Find out more, and get your own Keepod, at http://keepod.org/

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