27 January 2015

REVIEW: PNY Powerpacks

Power to the people.

Ever on the go, we're always interested to check out the latest innovations in the world of mobile charging. We've previously taken alook at French tech company PNY and what they offer the modern mobile person to keep their gadgets fully juiced, but now they've come along with three brand new Powerpacks. We 'charge' straight in to test them.

Unsatisfied with the idea of their customers having just a single choice when selecting a mobile powerpack, PNY have furnished their suppliers with three brand new product ranges which, thankfully for this photo-obsessed medium we call the internet, don't all look the same. We were sent the Powerpack DCM2200, Powerpack T2600 and the Powerpack M3000. It's okay; they're a lot cooler than their names suggest.

First up, and as you might have guessed from those numbers, the DCM2200 is the smallest of the three. It also provides the least amount of charge, but that isn't to say it is a weak product, as the 2200 can provide up to a full smartphone battery recharge (depending on your phone, mind). Compare that to the micro-slim powerpacks we reviewed last year (from Proporta and Monster) which only provide you with around a third of a charge, and we're coloured impressed.

The DCM220 is also pretty unique as it features a fixed micro USB connector on the top. It can therefore be directly attached to your phone or tablet without the need for any wires, and thanks to the extra length of the micro USB, you might not even have to remove your phone's protective case.

The Powerpack T2600 is of a similar size to the previous, if a little longer. There's no fixed USB here, and instead it ships with an included short-length wire for both charging your kit and being charged itself. The T2600 is tubular in design making it quite pleasing to hold and very easy to store away in a handy pocket of your bag.

Although named after a higher number than the 2200, the 2600 also delivers around a full battery recharge (again, it all depends on your phone) but did so a bit quicker than its little brother. There is also a battery indicator light on this model, and with the press of the recessed button you can easily see how much charge remains.

The M3000 will be of a more familiar design to readers of this site, as it is shaped like the classic 'slab' powerpack. Unlike its two smaller brothers, the M3000 has a bit of colour to it, with the black plastic casing nicely bisected with a green band. Again you get a USB cable included to charge up the device, but when it comes to recharging your gadgets on the go you don't need no wire, my friends! 

The M3000 features a pop-out micro USB connector which is an absolute Godsend to those who already carry about too many wires. Look at it; isn't it lovely? This larger model also offers the benefit of providing the mobile user with the equivalent of two full battery recharges, making it perfect for long trips and people with multiple devices.

All-in-all, we're very impressed with PNY's new powerpacks, both in terms of performance and looks. And, as is always the case with PNY, the price is more than attractive. Check 'em out.

DCM2200 £19.99
T2600 £11.99
M3000 19.99

Visit www.pny.com 

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