4 January 2015

REVIEW: Monster Ncredible Ntunes Headphones


Still powering up our gadgets while on the go, we really loved the Monster Powercard that we reviewed a couple of months ago. Keen to check out other products from the gadget gurus, we were sent a pair of something Monster are world-renowned for; headphones. And so we plugged in, cranked up the volume, and popped on a pair of Monster Ncredible Ntunes Headphones.

Wired, made from plastic, and available in a choice of typically bright colours, the Ncredible Ntunes Headphones are aimed at the mid-range market and those who take their music slightly more seriously than most. We were sent the blue pair (sorry, Cobalt Blue) and were surprised at how chunky they were, despite seeming on the box to be relatively slim-fitting 'phones. Once on the cans protrude a good couple of inches from your ears, and as the band is attached to the outside edge of the cans, the Ncredible Ntunes are pretty noticeable.

However, despite this, that band is lovingly flexible meaning that even if you have a massive head (listen up Joseph Merrick) there won't be too much pressure on your shell-likes. The cushioning on the cans is also well padded and there is slight amount of rotation in the speakers, so overall a fairly comfortable fit. One word of caution however: they don't fold up. Although they do feature a very nice carry pouch, they will take up a bit more space in your bag than the pictures suggest.

Like we said, these are wired headphones so switch off your Bluetooth, Mr Connected. They feature a standard 3.5mm jack and the included cable is of a good length and has a remote and mic for making calls. A unique feature is that both left and right can has a jack input, which not only means you can choose what side to plug in by, but you can also connect another pair of headphones to the Ncredible Ntunes and share your music. This means that you no longer need a headphone splitter for more than once person to listen to (or watch) the same thing. A very nice touch.

So, in terms of performance, how did they do? Well, although the price might weigh-way in the mid-range, the sound reproduction certainly didn't, and we were very impressed. Despite being on-ear headphones the musical quality they reproduced felt more immersive, as if they were completely wrapped around our heads like larger (and far more expensive) headphones.

All genres of music sounded good, with vocals coming in nice and clear, while the bass was rich and everything was smooth, even at increased volume levels. Spoken word books and podcasts also sounded excellent; a fact later reiterated when we received a call and found that the person on the other end sounded like they were sitting next to us.

All-in-all, the Monster Ncredible Ntunes Headphones are a pretty solid set of cans for casual listening and travelling. Although chunkier than most of the promo shots suggest they will be, they are light and flexible enough to find a permanent and welcome spot in your bag.


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