5 January 2015

NEWS: Robots guard French warehouses

Sacre Bleu! C'est robo!

Security guards might want to take particular note of this story, as it seems their jobs might soon be obsolete. That is if French robotic company EOS Innovation have their way, populating the world's warehouses and factories at night with robotic security patrols.

The robot is question, the oddly named e-vigilante, is a programmable three-wheeled drone that can be set to patrol any space over a pre-determined route. The robot then steadily monitors the environment with night vision cameras, motion detectors and microphones, and then reports back to their human (and most probably soon-to-be-terminated) colleague.

If an intruder is detected the e-vigilante will not, as it names suggests it might, attempt to capture the crook, batman style, but instead record video and allow the connected human security guard to speak to them over a loud speaker. And call the police, we assume.

We can imagine companies like Amazon will snap these robotic wonders up in a heartbeat to autonomously patrol their cavernous warehouses, probably to rub shoulders with their new cyborg workers who endlessly gather together your orders of cheap romance novels and iPads.

Check out the e-vigilante at the EOS Innovations site: http://www.eos-innovation.eu/
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