31 December 2014

FEATURE: Our Top 5 Things of 2014

That was the year...

As Big Ben chimes, and as millions of people across the globe excitedly count down from ten, we take a look back over 2014 and select five of our most favourite reviews. This short list highlights the best of the things we tested this year, both in how much we loved the products themselves and in how much darn fun they were to review. Happy New Year!

So, in no particular order...

Elliot Brown Bloxworth 929-007 Watch

We first heard about this watch after reading about how one had been submerged in Poole Harbour for six months... and lived to tell the tale without even a scratch on it. Reviewing it was great as we got a chance to speak to the designer and owner Ian Elliot who took us through the many unique features of the watch, and then tested it over several months. We were impressed by the build quality which then weighed in at a very reasonable price.

Check out our review here.

LEGO Star Wars AT-AP

Of course this list would contain some LEGO, and after a year when we tested loads of sets, our favourite has to the AT-AP from 2014's Star Wars range. The largest of the Star Wars sets we built, we made a video review of the walking tank to demonstrate just how awesome it was. A clever bit of designing by our Danish friends has resulted in one of favourite all-time LEGO sets.

Watch the video review here.

Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

Probably the most numerous thing we get to test are headphones, so looking back over  a year with loads of reviews of musicals cans, there is no doubt that the Mo-Fi by Blue stole the top spot. The sheer quality of sound reproduction was astounding, not to mention the a unique design and gorgeous good looks.

Read our review here.

Hubsan SpyHawk FPV RC Plane

And just as this list wouldn't be complete without some LEGO, so too would it be lacking without some manner of flying gadget. Although we tested a butt-load of helicopters and quadcopters in 2014, our stand-out fave has to be the Spyhawk FPV from Hubsan. This RC aeroplane features a pretty decent camera and controller with connected screen. Oh the fun we had drive bombing rabbits on the common.

Check out our video review here.

Aldi Medion Lifetab Tablet

And lastly we come to what was recently a real surprise. To be honest, when we heard that budget supermarket chain Aldi was releasing a tablet, a la Tesco, we weren't expecting much. But the Medion Lifetab was massively impressive, with a processor, screen and internal storage to rival the big boys who charge twice as much. Our review proved really popular and it's no surprise... apparently Aldi sold a great number on the run-up to Christmas.

Check out our review here.

Thanks so much for casting your eyes over our humble little site this year, and thanks also to the many people and companies who sent their latest products to us to test. We're looking forward to having even more fun in 2015!

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