31 January 2015

REVIEW: Booq Boa Nerve Messenger Bag

This bag's got some nerve. 

Whether you are a high flying business person or a bike messenger, the chances are you'll need a solid, reliable and snazzy looking bag. But what if you're both of those things at the same time? You'll need a bag that not only cries of style and innovation, but also rugged practicality and water resistance. Say hello to the Boa Nerve Messenger Bag from Booq.

Stop the press... this is a bag designed for modern living THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY FIT STUFF IN! It was a surprise, as so many of the bags we see tend to favour style and small pockets over actual real estate in the main section. We're happy to report that the Boa Nerve could hold a pair of trainers, a laptop, an iPad, several important documents (issues of The Beano) and a whole host of other useful things. But that isn't all.

Clearly this is a stylish bag, designed to be both business-like and hard wearing, but Booq have paid particular attention (and paid homage) to people who might actually be using this messenger bag as a messenger bag. First up, the outer material is ballistic nylon with a water repelling coating, meaning even a heavy rain shower is nothing to worry about. The main flap is also secured in place by both Velcro and plastic clips, so your precious cargo ain't going nowhere, not even when you're ducking and weaving through traffic.

But one of the truly eye-catching elements of the Boa Nerve is the strap. Adjustable at both ends, the shoulder strap features a unique magnetic clasp that allows the wearer to quickly go from loose to tight fit, eliminating the need to faff about tightening the strap when clambering onto your bike. The same goes for dismounting; with one simple move your bag is looser and looks more business-y.

Other nice touches from Booq include, as we previously alluded to, space. The main pocket is troubled only by a couple of thin inserts, meaning you can get decent sized stuff in there. There is also a dedicated laptop section (good for computers up to 15") with a soft interior and an additional securing strap. The front main pocket is handy for your wallet, phone, and (thanks to a detachable key fob) your keys, while spare change and wires will be happy in an extra pocket in front of this. There is also an easy-access pocket on the cover flap, a large document holder on the rear, and two side pockets which are perfect for bike chains and locks.

The outside of the Boa Nerve also features reflective panels to help make you more visible on dark nights - something not just cyclists will appreciate. The bag also features a terralinq barcode which, should your bag be lost, will help whoever finds it get it back to you. Peace of mind, not just because of the expensive kit you might be lugging around, but because the Booq Boa Nerve is not cheap itself.

We really enjoyed using this bag and honestly loved the fact that although it was designed to carry modern things like laptops, tablets and many many wires (can't just be us), it still makes room for all the usual unexpected things you find yourself carrying from time to time. If you're looking to invest in a stylish and practical bag to last you a good few years, we think we've just found it for you.


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