2 February 2015

REVIEW: LEGO Minifigures Series 13

Not at all unlucky.

The first bit of LEGO for 2015 is one we really enjoy doing. Following on from our review of Series 12, and of our look at The Simpsonsrange, we were filled with joy to be sent a selection of the new Series 13 LEGO Minifigures. Who will we get, and what madness abounds this time 'round? We tear open the bags and get building. Join us...

What we got
Major score for this sad group of toy journalists... NO DUPLICATES! That means we  have been able to check out eight of the new 16 minifigures in Series 13. This is who we got.

Classic King

This fig comes with a crown, a sword and a two-part cape (which was a bit tricky to put on!). We love the beard, and the King was a great start to a range of minifigures which obviously draw quite a bit of inspiration from the realm of fantasy.

Evil Wizard

If you liked the King's cape, check out this guy. By far our favourite of the few were sent to look at, the Evil Wizard is an imposing fig with flaming staff and upright hood. Everyone now... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Snake Charmer.

A charmer, this one. Complete with flute and coiled snake, the Snake Charmer looks pretty good in his turban and green outfit. It would have been nice to have some printing on the flute, but hey, that snake is gorgeous.

Lady Cyclops.

Erm, okay. Why can't a Cyclops be a girl? And such a pretty lady she is. The Cyclops also features a head with two different faces (or rather eyes) to make she seem happy or angry. And that club. You don't want to anger this one.


We totally adore this guys 'tache! The Sheriff comes complete with hat, pistol and a wanted poster for his next villainous prey. We love the printing on his body as well, creating a great looking Victorian figure.

Disco Diva

This one has skates! Yes, with funky 70s styling and a microphone to boot, this minfigure comes complete with a set of skates that look awesome. We can't wait to put the skates to good use on a Star Wars Storm Trooper maybe?

Unicorn Girl

Again.. okay! Another truly random one from LEGO, this female fig is adorned with a white unicorn hat, complete with horn. We love her plain outfit as it reminds us of My Little Pony toys from the 80s, back before they were 'cool'.

Egyptian Warrior

With shield and sword, this warrior means business. The plain bandage-like outfit is great, and we really like the Pharaoh headdress. Pretty accurate symbols on the shield as well, we think.

What we didn't get

Galaxy Trooper


Alien Trooper


(or, with the Sheriff's moustache, Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation)



...and Hot Dog Man. Obviously.

£2.49 each

Visit www.lego.com/en-gb/minifigures

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