27 October 2014

REVIEW: Oscha Raja Paprika Wrap

Wearing babies all year round.

When it comes to anything that makes our lives easier as parents, we're definitely game. So we were thrilled to be able to experience one of Oscha's newest releases -the Raja Paprika wrap. Oscha are known in the babywearing world for producing both high quality and beautiful wraparound slings and ring slings. Their highly sought after designs combine sturdy craftsmanship with exquisite luxury.

The Raja Paprika is uniquely formed from 100% organic combed, mercerised and gassed Pima cotton. Which basically means it's extremely soft. Although most wraps have a breaking-in period (where they go from being just-made-stiff to pliable and easy to wrap), the Raja Paprika is so buttery soft from the beginning that it felt almost instantly mouldable.

Raja Paprika is part of Oscha's Autumn releases in the 'Sugar and Spice' collection, and the bronzes, golds and russets certainly take on the spicier colours of the season, as its name suggests. The design gives it a good grip and ease with which to try different carries, and although thinner than a lot of other Oscha wraps, it still supports a heavy toddler well, making it suitable from birth to toddlerhood and beyond.

Like all Oscha wraps, the quality of the wrap is noticeable to wrap with, and the Raja Paprika is no exception. It took to a variety of different carries well and yet did not feel as beastly and intimidating as some of the thicker wraps. Since it was so soft, we preferred carries with several layers, making it perfect for carrying in the colder weather. And the bold, spicy Autumnal colour made it a beautiful addition to our Autumn adventures.

Oscha wraps are woven in the UK and Ireland and then hand-crafted into slings in Scotland, and their collections are inspired by lyrical and imaginative concepts drawn from both local and global traditions, adding even more romance and appeal to their products. Even their large releases are relatively small, which adds a level of exclusivity to their wraps which appeals to many in the babywearing world.

To find out more about Oscha slings please visit www.oschaslings.com, or if you'd like to buy the Raja Paprika, it's available now, in a variety of sizes, here.

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