26 October 2014

REVIEW: i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Got game?

If you're hitting the thumbsticks pretty hard tonight and delving deeper and deeper into your favourite video game, you'll probably be hunting for the most comfortable position to sit in. We've all pulled all-night gaming sessions, but after the fifth hour of play your bum doesn't half get numb. Arse numbness will surely be a thing of the past once you get yourself an i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair.

Simply put, this is an adult-sized bean bag that has been carefully designed to offer maximum comfort for long periods of sitting. When sat upon it (or rather within it - damn thing is big!) your body will naturally find that gaming sweet spot; the position most conducive to holding a console controller for hours. Unlike other bean bag chairs the i-eX features a panelled headrest, great back support and even places where your elbows can comfortably sit, taking the strain out of your arms.

Made from faux black leather with contrast piping (either silver or lime green) the i-eX is incredibly comfortable to sit on. Seriously, we've all dropped out bums onto it for hours at a time and never once did anyone squirm for a better position. A few of us have tried other gaming chairs before, from stiff padded versions, to other bean bags with vibration seats and sounds, but this monster is by far the best. It doesn't matter that it lacks showy things like rumble-packs or Bluetooth speakers in the headrest - the comfort factor wins over here.

And it isn't just gaming that this is great for; we found that as an interesting looking piece of furniture, the i-eX suited Test Pit Tower's decor pretty well and was always a firm favourite with visitors.

Available also in a smaller junior version for the up-and-coming gaming hero, the i-eX Bean Bag Gaming Chair is a must-have buy this Christmas for yourself or as a gift.

£74.99 (£52.99 for junior version)

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