6 June 2014

REVIEW: Llumio Night Light

Night night!

Continuing our new range of parenting gadget products, we're looking to the kiddies' bed times. If kids these days are anything like we were growing up, they hate having switch the light off at night time. After all (and this might just be relevant to our own childhoods) the dark is a pretty sinister thing - and don't even get us started on the monsters in the cupboard. Fortunately British company Llumio are fighting back with this feature-packed Night Light.

The Llumio Night Light is nicely put together modular night light that features interchangeable illuminating plastic plates, or "Popins". The base unit, which comes in white, pink or blue (as you might have expected) has recessed LED lights and without the decorated Popin looks a bit like a laminator.

However, slide your Popin into the top slot on the base unit and switch the whole thing on - you, and your child, won't be disappointed. The happy little cartoon butterfly on one of our Popins was wonderfully through-lit and looked at first like some kind of insect Jesus, come to forgive us our nocturnal sins. 

Thankfully, and this is the real charm of Llumio Night Light, everything about the light can be customised. The included skinny remote control allows you to not only change the colour of the light being projected from those LEDs, but also to flash, strobe and cycle through different colours. The brightness can also be adjusted so the butterfly messiah ended up being more of warmly glowing night-time pal.

In practical use we found it very easy to find the perfect setting for whatever wee sprog was having the Llumio Night Light keep the dark away. A lower brightness setting was definitely preferred nine times out of ten, as was the slowly alternating colour mode. Also, although the changeable Popins are probably the Night Light's biggest selling point (there are 11 to chooses from, and Llumio will even make customs ones), we found it also worked well without them. The LEDs in the base unit were bright enough to cast some nice colours on the walls and ceilings which our younger reviewers (the youngest being 13 months old) found very soothing.

This is a great night light, and we can see that being able to change the Popin and the settings as your child ages and develops will be very handy.

£39.99 (extra Popins are £9.99 each)

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