4 June 2014

REVIEW: Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber

 Turn to the Dark Side

Growing up, each of the Test Pitters were mad-keen on two things: pretending to be Indiana Jones by whirling a bit of string around in the back garden, and also pretending to force-crush our family members' throats as Darth Vader. Although these days making a pretty convincing Dr Jones whip is easy, we still help in the lightsaber department. Thanks to Hasbro, we're now sorted with the Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber.

This new version of the classic lightsaber from the original trilogy has been reproduced in pretty sturdy form here. After getting it out and whizzing it around over our heads, we found it was much firmer and better built than the cheaper version lightsabers (telescopic blades, but no lights or sounds) but lacking the brute force and build quality of the crazy-expensive Force FX range of weapons. Therefore, for the average kid (or 30 year old man, ahem...) this is the perfect lightsaber.

That red blade (Anakin's blue blade is also available, as is Mace Windu's purple) can extend to two and half feet, and once three AAA batteries are installed and the toy's only button is pressed, the blade will light up. The classic lightsaber sounds also ring out at the point, and it is nice to see that as you move the weapon around you get gorgeous-sounding 'hmmm' of a lightsaber. Give it a flick and you'll hear the sound of lightsabers clashing.

The hilt of the Vader's weapon is nicely styled after the original, and there are some fine details such as a handy belt clip. Once fully extended that telescopic blade is fairly robust and we can imagine the wee kiddies having hours of violent fun as they duel together over the health and safety nightmare that is most of the architecture of the Star Wars universe.


Visit www.hasbro.com/starwars/en_GB/

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