10 June 2014

FEATURE: At the beach with Helly Hansen

Surfs up

As the sun briefly tore through the seemingly endless rain clouds the other day, we decided to chance it and made for the beach. But paddling along the shore, eating copious amounts of Mr Whippy ice cream, and suspiciously eyeing up donkeys weren't our only reasons for travelling to the coast. No, we had a pretty sexy date set up with someone we've previously enjoyed a fling with. And so, as we avoid dive-bombing seagulls and wince as sand gets everywhere, we take solace in the fact that we're spending our time with Helly Hansen.

Kitted out for a day at the beach (in Britain - so yes, there is a jumper in there) we test some awesome summer wear from the Norwegian company mostly known for keeping you warm while up a mountain. Come here, Helly...

Helly Hansen Rugged Cargo Shorts
Its not often we get the chance to bare our manly legs, so when we do we want to do it in style. These cargo shorts (i.e. They've got big pockets on the legs) are made from tough yet soft cotton and are deliciously light weight.

Trimmed down and minimal is the order of the day with these short trousers, as none of the pockets (side, back and cargo) have any zips or buttons. All just close with a simple flap which means you can roll about in the sand to your heart's content and never be unpleasantly jabbed by your zipper. A lack of any fastenings also contributes to the short's minuscule weight and we found them very breathable even in the brief yet blazing sunshine.

Although we wouldn't recommend these to travellers who have precious items to keep safe in their pockets, we would recommend them for everything else in life. The perfect beach shorts, we like these so much we would definitely wear them to a wedding or funeral.


Helly Hansen Salt Polo Shirt

And because no cultured gentlemen would ever go topless at the beach anywhere but the sea, we popped on a polo. Helly's Salt Polo shirts come in a range of styles and colours and appropriately draw inspiration from nautical flags and signals.

Made from a high quality soft cotton, and featuring the classic boating polo elements of split sides and a contrast collar, the Salt is a comfortable and breathable top layer that will certainly get you noticed. In fact, while we were on the beach ships were passing and signalling to us. We just hope Helly Hansen hasn't confused the patterns and made their polo shirts read "All sailors are morons". Are Norwegian nautical signals different? Interesting...

The Salt Polo Shirt's stiff flexible collar certainly came in handy as a sun guard for the back of the neck, while the body of the shirt kept us cool and sweat free. Obviously it looks great and comes straight out of the boating regatta style with some nice modern details.


Helly Hansen Fryatt Low HT Shoes

Although you may want to strip off the stinky trainers while mucking about on the beach, you still need something smart and durable to get you there, especially if the beach you're on isn't directly off a motorway.

The Fryatt Low HTs are the perfect summer shoe, weighing in somewhere between a sporty and casual trainer, while retaining the look and durability of a walking boot. They're fully waterproof (for stomping through those sandcastle moats) and feature the same hi-tech cooling system we've encountered before, H2Flow.

Thanks to the C-Zone shock absorption technology in the heel we were wearing these babies all day long, doing a multitude of activities and games (skimming stones along the shoreline is pretty intense you know), and still we would've slept in them. Comfort and support all the live-long day.

Like many of Helly Hansen's shoes, the Fryatt Low HT come in three very distinctive and distinct flavours, our favourite being the stylish walnut.


Helly Hansen Logo Summer Hoodie

And, to end, some honesty. Let's face it, no matter how long the rain clouds stay away this summer, once the sun drops below that horizon the British chill air will creep back, cutting night-time beach parties short. Or so it did, until you slipped on your Logo Summer Hoodie.

Brazenly displaying the HH logo quite unlike most other Helly Hansen products, the Summer Hoodie is a lightweight version of one of the many hooded tops you already own. The emphasis here is to keep you warm, but not too warm, and offer much-needed back up for when the weather turns.

Light and soft cotton, in either white, blue, grey, navy or red (which we tested out), the Logo Summer Hoodie is a sheer joy to wear, especially over sun and sand blasted skin. The hood is large enough to actually pull over your and shut out the world for a while,  and the large front pocket is extremely welcome - if only for carrying home all those pretty seashells you found.


Everything featured here, as well as other great summer apparel, is available from www.hellyhansen.com
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