3 January 2014

REVIEW: Patrona Connector Wallet

Card Shark.

What is a wallet anyway? If you’re anything like us then your wallet is a breeding ground for Post Office receipts, coffee shop loyalty cards, old cinema ticket stubs and scraps of paper with long-forgotten friends’ email addresses. But thanks to British innovation company Patrona, your wallet will soon be fully integrated with your phone – and we don’t mean by way of some dodgy app.

The Patrona Connector Wallet does away with the flappy folds of traditional wallets and trims everything down to the bare essentials. The wallet itself is basically a very firm and well-crafted slab of leather and metal that magnetically sticks onto the back of your phone, allowing pockets for your most important debit and credit cards.
The magnetic element is what makes the Connector Wallet very clever. First you have to stick a small circular plate onto the back of your phone (current models included the iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and also a version that works with most Samsung Galaxy models – although we discovered that the iPhone sized wallets actually fit pretty well with the larger Galaxys like the Note 2 and Note 3) onto which the wallet itself will connect. The circular shape of the plate means that the Patrona can rotate and therefor will not cover your camera lens all the time. This rotated position also makes it easier to hold a mobile phone in portrait mode and we loved typing with it attached.

Here’s a vid:

The iPhone version lets you store four cards, while the smaller Samsung models allow just three. Actually using the wallet day to day makes quite a lot of things simpler. No longer did we have to worry about remembering both a phone and a wallet – those two life essentials were now combined. And, as previously mentioned, using the Patrona has forced us to clear out all the crap that builds up in our pockets. No longer have we the option to store away that out-of-date bus ticket to forget about in the depths of our wallets. You certainly won’t want to put any rubbish in the Connector Wallet, namely because when your phone is out on the table of a restaurant or round at a friend’s house, people will be able to see what you have in your wallet. So thanks for that Patrona.

The wallets come in the Heritage Collection, Limited Edition Silver and Limited edition Gold – all hand-made here in Blighty to a really high standard.

Heritage: £80
Silver: £120
Gold: £240

Visit www.patrona.com

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