7 January 2014

REVIEW: Divoom OnBeat 500 Bluetooth Speaker

On form.

We’re old hands at this now; reviewing speakers that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. We've had little light cheap ones, expensive powerful ones and even ones that you can use during a water fight. Today however we’re looking at one that packs a punch, not just with sound but also in weight.
Needless to say The OnBeat 500 from Divoom is pretty conventional in terms of style and looks like many other Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested. However we weren’t prepared for the scale of the OnBeat 500. We were surprised by how big and heavy it is, making us come to the conclusion that this is not a speaker you’d really want to carry around.

Although that may be a negative to some, we actually prefer a weightier piece of kit. The OnBeat 500 therefore finds a home in our home; as a house speaker that you can connect you Bluetooth devices to without worrying about having to move it around.

Connecting was really easy (as you might expect) and we were happy to see a 3.5 audio jack port as well to connect other non-bluetooth devices. This way it makes the perfect desktop speaker for your PC or stationary laptop, and we can even see it being the ideal office music speaker.

The quality of sound was extremely impressive, with those 15W twin-speakers pumping out some very rich and clear bass. 'Room-filling' doesn't really do it justice, as the OnBeat 500 swamps an average sized room with sound. The quality, even at high levels of volume, was superb and we found we could make out lyrics through walls and floors.
The Divoom OnBeat 500 comes in either black, white or red, so you should be able to match your style and décor easily. And décor is definitely a consideration here as the speaker will work best as a permanent addition to your home.


Visit www.divoom.com

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