2 January 2014

REVIEW: Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame

Hopper chopper

The world has been a much better place since radio controlled gadgets started to fly. Think about it; in days gone by all the kids and geeky adults of this world had was RC cars and boats. These days – thankfully – we can now unite and scream as one: “Oh no, it’s hit the lampshade!” And it’s all thanks to RC helicopters.

We love flying toys, and had a mighty fun time with theQuadcopter with LEDs. However, as we described in that past review, the little blighter took a bit of time to master. We certainly didn’t have similar difficulty with the Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro alloy Frame, courtesy of our chums at eBuyer.com

Seriously this little chopper, which measures just 23cms in length, is a total breeze to fly. We’ve never played with a RC helicopter that was so easily responsive and pleasurable to fly than this one. Included in the box is the copter itself, which as the name suggests, has a very sturdy metal body unlike other similarly priced choppers. You also get the IR controller, which is very comfortable to hold and also includes an incredibly handy charging cable (so you can charge the helicopter while out and about from the controllers six AA batteries – brilliant), as well as spare rotor blades and a tiny screwdriver. There is also a USB charging cable included to juice up your copter from your laptop or wall socket.

Speaking of which, charging from USB took only around half an hour and provided about 7-8 minutes of flight time. Charging from the controller took a little longer in our experience, but the mere fact that it can be done anywhere (in our case the local park) was a massive advantage. The range of the controller is around 15 metres, which if you’re flying indoors you won’t really notice (unless you live in a giant mansion with super high ceilings). Outside we really had to keep an eye on the distance as the temptation was to fly higher and farther. When the copter did get out of range it fortunately didn’t just plummet from the sky but rather became unresponsive and sluggish, highlighting the fact that we had to get closer to it.

As we said, flying was a real treat and something we mastered in mere minutes. At this price the Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro alloy Frame is definitely one to get, whether you want an easy introduction to flying RC helicopters, or for more experienced flyers to have a play around safely indoors.


Available from www.ebuyer.com
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