2 January 2014

FEATURE: The Manper Session #2

New year, new face.

A few months ago we conducted our first ever Manper Session: a pampering session with a GRRR MANLY twist. We enjoyed it so much (in a manly, 'just friends' sorta way), that we jumped at the chance to do it all again with a fresh batch of bathroom buddy gadgets.

This time around we're paying particular attention to our rugged faces, having selected three new cleansing and styling products designed for our mugs. Enjoy... in the manliest way possible of course.

Philips Beard Trimmer 9000

If precision is the most important thing when it comes to trimming your facial mane, then it has to be the Beard Trimmer 9000 from Philips. Here's the headline: this is an electric razor WITH A BUILT-IN LASER! All our dreams of living in the home of the future just came true.

However, before you all changed your surname to Jetson we feel we must elaborate. The laser doesn't actually trim your beard itself, instead it is projected onto your skin to help you see exactly where the trimmer will trim the hairs. This makes it so much easier to create a precise style on your chinny-chin-chin.

As well as boasting the laser guidance, the Beard Trimmer 9000 also features a double edged trimmer, 17 different options for hair length which are set by the built-in LED display, a battery that will last an entire hour and also a chassis that is totally waterproof. And, lets not forget, THE LASER!

We were very impressed with it, we have to be honest. Having a bright red line appear either side of the trimmer head is extremely useful, especially along the cheekbones and on the neckline. We can imagine this being the perfect preening tool for guys who have very styled and cropped face-fuzz, like that TV exec man in The Hunger Games. You know, the one who was forced to eat the poisonous... we digress.

Available from www.boots.com

Magnitone Pulsar

Being the manly sorts that we are here at The Test Pit, we don't half get some dirt trapped in our pores (seriously, testing Nerf guns and building LEGO can be a pretty sweaty business). That is why we were happy as Larry to have a go on the Magnitone Pulsar cleanser and exfoliater.

Apparently just rubbing your greasy face with a KFC wetwipe just isn't enough to rid your skin of the daily build-up of dirt and grime. The Magnitone Pulsar features a spinning brush head that rotates up to 15,000 times a minute and, when used in conjunction with your normal cleansing products, blasts the rubbish away... albeit in a gentle manner.

Fully waterproof and holding a charge for up to three weeks, the Magnitone Pulsar was amazingly effective at cleaning, exfoliating and massaging our skin. After using it for just a couple of minutes twice a day for a fortnight we definitely noticed an improvement. The soothing vibrations delivered by the four different settings was obviously bolstering blood circulation to our faces and we all got a real kick out of using it.

{Insert your own vibrator jokes here}

Available from www.amazon.co.uk - with 33% off!

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

So our beards are trimmed (extremely precisely) and our faces are cleansed and exfoliated... what's next? Ah yes, our oral hygiene. That's why we opened wide and welcomed into our mouths the Sonicare AirFloss from Philips - who are doing well in this article today.

Flossing, it would seem, is soooo 2013. Gone are the days when you had to wrap the little stringy stuff around your fingers and awkwardly fumble about in your mouth to get between your gnashers. These days all you have to do is take aim with the Philips Sonicare AirFloss and blast the gunk away.

Using a cleverly delivered combination of compressed air and water droplets, the AirFloss acts very much like a miniature pressure washer. Charge it up, add a small amount of water to the internal reservoir, and by way of the single setting and single button, activate.

At first we were a little alarmed by how powerful it is. The first time one of us used it his mouth was agape - this led to splatters of water and spittle all over the bathroom mirror. But once we g1ot used to it we discovered it was doing a cracking job of getting stray bits of food and detritus from between our teeth, leaving us with extremely clean gobs.

Couple of words to the wise: as we said, try to keep your mouth closed as much as possible and also don't aim directly at your tongue. Trust us.

Available from www.argos.co.uk

BONUS: The Bluebeards Revenge Starter Kit

Definitely one to use in conjunction with the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000, The Bluebeards Revenge Starter Kit is the ideal shaving set for the chap with high levels of beardy maintenance.

The kit, from the plucky British company who have declared war on "bum-fluff", includes shaving foam, a travel-sized shaving balm, a "Doubloon" foam brush, and also an antiperspirant.

We adore The Bluebeards Revenge stuff, particularly as it left the faces of the clean-shavers in our number virtually razor-burn free and feeling in no way sore. The included brush is also a lovely touch and made us feel nostalgic for simpler, less technological times.

Anyway, pass the laser-guided trimmer will ya?

Available from www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk/shop
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