28 December 2013

FEATURE: Our Top 5 of 2013

That was the year, that was...

2013 has been a great year for gadgets and toys, not only because it was the year that The Test Pit launched (ahem). Starting way back in February we've been lucky enough to get our greasy mits of some of the hottest new gadgets, technology and toys that 2013 had to offer.

But which were our favourites? We've decided to compile a Top 5 list of the products that we enjoyed testing the most this year. These aren't the reviews that proved the most popular with our valued readers (which was actually, weirdly enough, this) but rather the gadgets and toys that we were most impressed by. Here they are in no particular order...

Bitmore e-Storm LabyrinthX Super Bass Speaker

Of all the bluetooth speakers we tested in 2013 - of which there were many - this tiny chap was by far our favourite. The gorgeous waterproof body, the quality of sound, and the option to add an SD card made this a clear winner.

Read our full review here.

Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18

Of the five Nerf reviews we did this year, the time we spent with the brand new Rapidstrike was by far the most fun. Although the blaster boasts an 18-dart clip and an incredible rate of fire, we really loved it for those 'Pulse-Rifle from Aliens' good looks and weighty charm.

Read our full review here.

Buffulo MiniStation Air

2013 gave us a few options for wireless storage and media streaming, but our clear favourite was this plucky fellow from Buffalo. Neat and compact, the MiniStation Air offers 500 gigabytes of space and lag-less streaming to your phone and tablet. We loved it.

Read our full review here.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE #75019

We had to get a LEGO set into our Top 5 as each and every one we reviewed was so much fun. Our favourite of the year was the Star Wars AT-TE, a 900 piece set of the six-legged battle tank featured in The Clone Wars. We loved the solid and thoughtful design, as well as the exclusive minifigures. We liked it so much we gave it our first ever full video review.

See the video here.

Nurvo 10" Budget Android Tablet

A real surprise for us this year was just how much we loved the new cheap tablet from British company Nurvo. Although the specs of the device are nothing to write home about, the build quality and value for money certainly are. It was also great to see some home-grown tech make shop shelves this year.

Read our full review here.

Honourable mention: CAT B15 Rugged Smartphone

Because everybody should get the chance to throw their mobile phone into a dirty paddling pool.

Read our full review (and see the video) here.

Thanks to everyone who paid a visit to our humble site this year. We'll be back for more gadget testing fun in 2014.

Happy New Year!
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