27 December 2013

REVIEW: Mighty Mug

The suction cup.

A perfect gadget for this time of year, the Mighty Mug is an insulated carry mug with a leak-proof lid that finally conquers the hot beverage lover's greatest fear: spillage.

From the outside the Mighty Mug is a fairly run-of-the-mill looking flask mug that is more than big enough to accommodate your morning latte. Easy to hold and with a very welcome flip-up anti-leak lid, the Mighty Mug also features a very unique benefit.

Place the mug on any smooth surface (such as your desk or kitchen counter) and the special Smartgrip suction cup on the mug's base will engage sticking it firmly in place. Seriously, it really sticks on there like a limpet, and no casual strike - be it accidental or intentional - will knock the Mighty Mug over. Check out this video:

Of course that's all well and good if at work you sit next to a toddler who enjoys flailing their arms around, but what if you actually want to drink your beverage? Easy, just lift. By lifting the mug upwards and away from the surface, the Smartgrip suction cup will disengage automatically, leaving you to sip in confidence.

We were especially impressed by this, particularly because we're a bunch of clumsy buggers here at The Test Pit (Christmas Day hangover only now clearing) and the Mighty Mug came in handy. We found that even a fairly savage blow couldn't shift the mug, and considering that the average cause of desktop spillages is a wayward arm swipe or thoughtless elbow, this will definitely give you peace of mind.


Available from www.steamer.co.uk

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