13 November 2013

REVIEW: Underwater Light Show

Bath night = Party night.

Are you currently decking your halls and slipping into your gay apparel? We don't know about you, but Test Pit Towers is already dressed up for the festive season in tinsel and fairy lights. Our Christmas tree has so many lights on it you can actually see it from space. Seriously, check Google Earth.

But no matter how giddy we get for Christmas, or how many stockings we savagely hammer onto the fireplace, there's always one room in the house that misses out on the decorations. The humble bathroom isn't an easy place to hang fairy lights, nor is it a place we would encourage you to run a live electric current; so how can it be festive as well?

Easy, with the Underwater Light Show from iwantoneofthose.com

Baths are always pretty dull. Water, bubbles, rubber duck (if you're lucky)... all fairly standard and not very exciting. Fortunately the Underwater Light Show delivers on what it's name promises: a light show. Underwater.

The gadget itself sits in the palm of your hand and looks like a transparent flying saucer. Open the watertight seal on the top of the unit and insert three AAA batteries, then clip the included weight onto the underside and you're in business. Inside are four little LED bulbs whose multicolored light will shine and be amplified through the plastic dome, thus creating your light show.

Next, get in the bath. Obviously you'll need to fill it with water first and take off all your clothes. Pop the Underwater Light Show into the surface of the water and watch it float happily like a buoyant Santa who has just crashed into the Caribbean. Get in youself (too hot? Turn the blue-coloured tap) and press the switch on top of the gadget.

The light this thing throws out is pretty impressive and we found that the whole bath was illuminated, not just the part directly below it. As it bobs and floats about, the lights move and flickers giving your bath the appearance of a sub-aquatic Christmas tree. Press the switch again to cycle through different sequences of lights and colours. Decoration problems solved!

We found that by putting less bubble bath in made it easier to see the lights - something that our three year old tester really didn't have an issue with. Having a splashing wee sprog in the bath with the light show a-blazing certainly brought home for us what particular age group would get the most out of this unusual gift.

If you were thinking of using the Underwater Light Show to sooth away your stresses and help you unwind during a long soak, think again. Both adult and child testers found their baths to be pretty invigorating and exciting experiences, which means we'd probably pop the Underwater Light Show firmly in the Gifts for Kids category.

All we needed to complete the scene was some trance music pumping away in the background.

A perfect Christmas gift for that special somebody who loves a dip in the tub, or maybe even as a Secret Santa gift for that work colleague who could really do with a good bath.

You know who we mean.

£ 7.99

Available from www.iwantoneofthose.com

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