20 November 2013

FEATURE: iPad go here

Just in case.

Snow, ice, rain, renegade Christmas elves: all things that can threaten your iPad during the winter months. If you own an iPad and definitely DON'T want to be one of those people who pull it out complete with a shattered screen and dented body, we strongly suggest you get one of the following.

Overboard Waterproof Case

Although normally withheld for summer jaunts to the seaside, waterproof cases can actually be a real life saver in winter as well. Believe it or not, but snow is water that has gone all hard and cold. We know, pretty shocking. Because of this, and the increased chances of rain, we recommend the waterproof case range from Overboard. 

Unlike other waterproof cases we've reviewed (such as those from Lifeproof and Griffin) the Overboard series feature a flexible main case with a sort of zip-lock top. Because of this the bulk normally associated with splash-proof covers and cases is vastly reduced, resulting in something not that much bigger than your actual iPad. 

Getting your tablet in is a sinch (unlike some other water resistant cases) and the slide-lock mechanism on the case's opening is both solid and reassuring. Using the pad's touchscreen is also fairly straightforward with the plastic coating of the Overboard case being thin and conductive.

Another real bonus, and one that might sway you away from other solid-structure waterproof cases, is the Overboard's ability to be packed up and stored easily. So no more bulky waterproof case taking up vital space in your bag/suitcase/bedroom when not being used.

Plus, it'll defend against snowballs. Very important that.

£ 26.25
Visit www.over-board.co.uk 

Case Logic iPad Cover

For those less concerned with snowballs and splashes - and for those who would rather look a bit more sophisticated - we give you Case Logic. A giant in the mobile case world (and the logic world, we assume) Case Logic have a nifty range of protective cases for both the iPad and iPad Mini which also double as stands.

The ones that we got our grubby mits on, for the iPad Mini and the full sized iPad (which can also be adjusted to fit other nine to ten inch tablets), is stylish and sturdy wee thing that slips effortlessly over your tablet and provides all-round coverage. The leather affect exterior is also extremely welcome as it not only provides hard wearing protection and comfort in the hand, it also makes it a hell of a lot easier to slip it out of your bag.

As it is from Case Logic you know you are getting a well put together piece of kit and we can imagine you using one of these on your iPad for a good long while to come.

Or at least until Apple brings out a new iPad. So six months, tops.

Around £15
Visit www.caselogic.com

STM Linear iPad Bag

More a bag than a case, the Linear comes to us from STM whose brilliant Nomad Laptop Bag we reviewed a few months ago. Small and light, the Linear has been designed with the iPad user firmly in mind, mainly because you really won't get much else in it.

Made from waterproof nylex with a soft and fluffy inner lining, the Linear comes complete with a main pocket (for said iPad), a front zip pocket with the usual pouches and key clip, another zip pocket on the flap (also lined) and a slip sleeve round the back. All this and the usual high quality build standards that we've come to expect from STM.

Once your iPad is slipped inside the main pocket you might have room for - at most - a notepad or book. The front zipper is handy for the usual minutiae such as cash and flash drives while the lined pocket on the flap makes for a safe and accessible home for your phone. But that's it really. 

We love the style and the quality and also the neat little touches of metal here and there. It's a bag so you know your iPad is safe, but be aware that if you have anything else to lug around you might be left wanting.

£ 34.99
Visit www.stmbags.com.au
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