10 November 2013

REVIEW: Yurbuds Inspire Pro Earphones

Inspiring stuff.

Oi, Joggy Joe! Are your earphones always falling out of your ears when you're pounding the pavements during the daily run? Does all that ear-sweat your produce by the bucket load make your earphones wet and slippy? Are you tired of being the guy who is always fiddling with his ears so he can keep up with the rhythm of Miley Cyrus?

If you're an active sort and answered yes to the above questions, help is at hand. Gone have the days of uncomfortable in-ear earphones that slip out every time you take a breath; all hail the Inspire Pro from yurbuds.

yurbuds are a great (if rather overlooked) maker of earphones, chiefly because they have achieved what many larger tech companies constantly fail at: to produce a pair of earphones that are both high quality in terms of build, design and sound reproduction AND will actually stay in your ears. OMGs all round.

Their distinctive twistlock technology is the key to the latter, being a uniquely styled silicon bud that wraps over the grill of each of the 'phones and channels the music straight into your brain. In practice the odd little things make for an extremely comfortable and secure wearing experience.

What makes the Inspire Pro different from the rest of the Inspire range is the addition of a handy remote situated where the cord splits.  This Y-shaped remote features track, volume and also call control and is apparently sweat and water proof (although to be honest having a gentle wander to the pie shop never got us sweaty enough to test this). The remote also includes a fairly impressive microphone which is always handy for those using the earphones with a mobile. We found that call quality was very good, and our chum on the other end said we sounded crisp and clear - even with the mic sitting at chest level.

One thing the remote highlighted was the fact that both on the box and on company website it states that the Inspire Pro have been "Designed for iPhone" and that the mic was intended for Siri integration. Android users (or the majority of the planet as we call the) can relax because the earphones of course work fine and the mic is excellent for whatever Siri-alternative you have installed. S-Voice on our Samsung smartphones, for example, worked brilliantly.

Although the Inspire Pro (and most of yurbuds product range) are aimed squarely at athletes and fitness fanatics, they also make excellent everyday earphones. Although the average bus journey might not be quite as demanding as running a marathon,  the twistlock buds are still very useful for creating a nice and tight seal within the ear and help to keep out any extraneous sounds. They also come with a small carry pouch to protect the earphones and keep the cords untangled -  something every commuter will be thankful for.

So a comfortable fit, great looks and even better quality of sound make the yurbuds Inspire Pro a must-have pair of 'phones.


Visit www.yurbuds.com/uk

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