4 September 2013

REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Speeder #75022

September the fourth be with you.

Our two favourite things that we all remember from our childhoods are building things out of LEGO and pretending to be Luke Skywalker. So, now that we are adults, we get very giddy when these two things return and combine. And so it was with excited fingers that we tore open the box of the latest LEGO Star Wars set.

This time we are treated to something not from the six blockbusting films but from the (in our humble opinion) much overlooked TV series The Clone Wars. The Mandalorian Speeder (#75022) features a vehicle and three minifigures, one of which we're eager to get our hands on.

With 211 pieces the set isn't massive and is placed within the 8-14 age category. All those parts of course go toward the speeder itself, which judging by the image on the box is pretty slick and of a decent enough size for even adult hands to play with.

The set comes in three bags along with a single set of instructions and some stickers. It's a fairly straightforward build that took one of our number about 45 minutes to complete at a leisurely pace (or rather two episodes of Community as he remembers it). As ever the LEGO instructions are super clear and easy to follow which resulted in no mistakes first time round.

The speeder features some nice little touches and we were particularly impressed by the use of angled surfaces for the bonnet, boot and windscreen resulting in a vehicle that looks pretty organic and curved. There's also a tilting cannon, two concealed flick-fire missiles and storage space for blasters and a couple of lightsabers. Speaking of which...

We were especially excited about this set because of the three included new minifigures. Collectors (and badass fans of the Sith) will be most interested in the Darth Maul figure as it is the first time old Mauly has been represented in LEGO with his Clone Wars robot legs. He also comes not only with his own red lightsaber but also with Pre Vizsla's black-bladed sword.

With the cyborg legs Darth Maul is quite a bit taller than the average LEGO minifigure, standing a whole head taller than the other two figures: a pair of Mandalorian Super Commandos. We were a little disappointed that both figures are identical, including their supposed war-paint symbols, but these are still great figures complete with jetpacks and blasters and they both fit into the speeder really well.

All in all this is a great set that, especially due to the minifigures, will be of particular interest to fans and collectors alike. As we've said we're big fans of The Clones Wars and will be sad to see it leave our screens later this year. However it's fantastic that LEGO are still drawing upon it for new sets and vehicles and the Mandalorian Speeder is a worthy addition to the latest range.


Visit www.lego.com/en-us/starwars

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