6 September 2013

FEATURE: Desktop Hot

Although our lives are increasingly mobile these days, most of us still need a desk either at home or in the office. Certainly we're fans of our desks (or Crap Attractors as we call them) which got us thinking... what new gadgets are out there for the discerning sitter-down?

And so we searched high and low for desktop gadgets and tech that would enhance any flat slab of wood. Take a seat...

Lindy 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Whether you use a laptop or a desktop computer a multi-port USB is a must. For desktops they save having to bend down and reach behind that dusty tower to plug in your flash drive, and for laptops they drastically boost what is often a limited number of input ports. Lindy make a pretty good one.

The 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub is just that: four ports of USB 3 loveliness. Of course when used with other USB 3 devices the hub is pretty darn quick at sending and receiving data from a variety of gadgets.

Fitting comfortably in your palm, the hub is self powered so there's no need to find another plug socket. However because of that it doesn't work so well at trickle charging multiple devices, but that is to be expected considering it is drawing power from just one USB port.

Good looks, nice price and reliable build make this a heavily used item in The Test Pit office.

Visit www.lindy.co.uk

Edifier Aurora Speakers

Every home office needs music, and every other office needs the ability to amplify crank calls to rival websites. A good speaker system is a must for any desktop computer or for just plugging in your phone or mp3 while working. We've recently very much enjoyed listening to this one.

We know, a speaker system that doesn't rely on bluetooth... how exotic! We've previously mentioned here how much we like wired speakers, mainly for ease of use and reliability, and the Aurora from Edifier is no exception. We love the looks, with the classic subwoofer and satellites given a unique interesting aesthetic.

Being a 15W system this in no spring chicken despite the minuscule profile. The subwoofer is superbly shaped to fit snugly beneath monitors and behind laptop scenes, while the satellites look fairly inconspicuous sitting on the desktop.

The quality of audio is especially impressive and we were surprised at just how rich that small subwoofer makes the bass. A room filling musical experience is surely guaranteed with the Aurora, but at a price that made us smile.

Visit www.edifier-international.com
Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Bright Idea USB Lamp

Who says USB ports are only for work? From a coffee cup warmer to an art farm, there are loads of fun things that can powered via your computer's USB port... but this one we found to be really handy.

Bright Idea is light bulb-styled light on the end of a flexible yet firm supporting arm. Plug it in and the bulb will gently glow, casting a comfortable light over your working environment. Either that or hold it above your head and pretend you've just had a really good idea.

Although the Bright Idea would never illuminate a whole room, it does cast enough light to provide a comfortable halo should you be working at night and not wanting other lights on.

We also played around by plugging it into a 5V phone charger in the wall and using it like a weird Ikea lamp. We rather liked it. In truth the Bright Idea has a multitude of uses, especially when you consider it as a mood light.

Mmm, baby. Let me put this article aside and get a sexy mood going on. Now, where's a USB port?

You wouldn't be able to resist.

Visit www.justmustard.com
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