1 September 2013

REVIEW: Little Helper FunPod

A little help, a lot of fun.

You may be surprised to learn this, but not everything we review needs to have a USB port. Here at The Test Pit we are firm fans of innovative thinking and problem solving, particularly when it comes to our kids. Those of us with wee bairns will know of the difficulty in balancing getting them involved with keeping them safe, particularly in the kitchen. How can you involve a toddler in making the dinner when the work surfaces are so high and child booster steps can be precarious at the best of times? Fortunately childhood innovation experts Little Helper have the answer in the form of the FunPod.

At first sight the FunPod appears to be nothing more than an upright box, but in that lays it's genius. The Funpod raises the child up to kitchen counter level while keeping them hemmed in and safe on all sides - something no other child height booster can claim.

Straight out of the reassuringly hefty box the FunPod resembles a piece of Ikea furniture. Four sturdy lengths of laminated wood make up the body of the thing, with two feet plate attaching to the bottom to add stability. Everything fixes together easily and all screws and tools required for assembly are included. There's even two smooth metal carry handles that screw onto the sides for ease of lifting: a thoughtful touch given that once this thing is completed it ain't light.

But it is that solidity that lends strength to the FunPod and during testing we found that that strength was needed. We let a two year old run amok in the FunPod, helping Dad to prepare dinner while elevated to the correct height thanks to the adjustable foot plate. The little sprog was high enough to get a good view of the counter, lean in and reach things and generally get involved with cooking; something very important when fostering a healthy attitude toward food.

While not completely water proof, the FunPod is splash resistant; something that is definitely needed when letting a toddler loose in the kitchen. The feet and height of the encasing walls keeps the FunPod upright and free of wobbles no matter how excited junior gets. Speaking of the little darling, the FunPod can be used to keep safe a child from 12 months to five years of age - a pretty long stretch considering how quickly our kids usually grow out of things.

The Funpod comes in a range of colours and styles. We tested out the silvery metallic one, but there is also red, black, white and a few in plain wood finishes. This means it will go with your kitchen no matter what the d├ęcor, and the slim form factor means it won't take up too much space.

So maybe the Little Helper FunPod isn't one for those of our readers intent on choosing their next Nerf blaster, but it's innovative design and problem-solving application makes it an essential item at our place.

Daddy, daddy cool... daddy, daddy coooool...


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