27 February 2024

REVIEW: MocPixel Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II

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After being suitably impressed by their Cthulhu building kit from last year, we dipped our toes back into the world of MocPixel to try another monsterous build. We check out the MocPixel Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II.

This LEGO-like (but definitely NOT LEGO) kit consists of a modest 344 parts and comes togther to create a very detailed replica of of the man-eating plant Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. Fans of the movie will delight, but also anyone with a wicked sense of humour will enjoy both building this, and displaying it in their homes.

As with our previous MocPixel build, Audrey II featues a great level of detail and lots of interesting textures to build up the layers. Unlike that revious build, this took us less than hour or so to assemble, and features a character far more recogonisable than a Lovecraftian demon.

Audrey II is posable from all angels, and we love the use of the larger, darker leaves to add framing on the back to highlight the different shades of green.

There are smaller, weed-like parts used around the base of the head, blending it all together and maintaining a very organic appearence...

...while the 'plant pot' reminds of something from Super Mario Bros. Still it provides a suitable base and offers plenty of support to the top-heavy build.

The mouth is brilliantly executed, with the reds and pinks contrasting against the greens. The teeth are somewhat fiddly to put in there, espesially if you want to get all the angles correct, but we think you'll agree it looks great. The tongue actually seems to be moist. Nice work.

Audrey II stands at only 17cm tall, so if you're planning to add this to your existing LEGO (or other) plant collection, it might be dwarfed. Still, compared to a minifigure (will from the Stranger Things set), it has plenty of menacing presence.

As with Cthulhu, we love this MOC creation from MocPixel, and for the prices they charge, we think this would make a great addition to any movie fan's shelf. Nice work, guys.

Approx £25

Visit mocpixel.com

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