16 October 2023

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2023 #2

We're back again this year with a new series of gift guides, filled to the brim with weird and wonderful gift ideas. As in previous yours, these guides will always be a mixed-bag, so flick through and find something you like!

Helly Hansen Logo Hoodie

Their laid-back and good-looking Helly Hansen hoodie is the ultimate comfort. Made with French terry cotton, it’s as soft as it is classic. Highly versatile, you can wear it lounging, sailing, or even on the urban beat.


Visit hellyhansen.com

Studio Creator Podcast & Vlogging Kit

Create your own podcasts and viral videos with this high quality Podcast & Vlogging Kit. This kit is perfect for recording stories, interviews, podcasts, vlogs and more.


Visit smythstoys.com

T-Rex Dinosaur Onesie 'ROARR!'

A super soft khaki tie-dye velour all-in-one with dino-scales, yellow tie-dye padded tummy, padded cuffs with large claw hand and feet details, plush tail AND a padded hood with detailed T-Rex face, green eyelids, embroidered nostrils and spiky padded teeth.


Bondi Body Laser @ Home Version 2.0

The strongest at-home permanent hair reduction system that permanently reduces unwanted body hair. The new 2.0 is a faster three-second light flash that  boasts skin rejuvenation functionality, improving skin texture, reduces pigmentation, sun spots & broken capillary veins. This nifty thing also features eight intensity settings to choose from.


NOMO Vegan Chocolate Sharing Boxes

NOMO is the UK’s no. 1 Vegan & Free From Chocolate brand created by Kinnerton Confectionery. Their mission is to create products that all chocolate lovers can enjoy! Whether you’re vegan, have a food allergy or you just want to make small changes to help the environment, NOMO is the no. 1 choice when it comes to chocolatey deliciousness.

£5 per box

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