9 October 2023

10 Fun Karaoke Games to Play at Your Next Party

Welcome to your next party! If you're looking for a way to spice up your gathering, we have just the thing for you: Karaoke games. Whether you are planning a birthday bash, a family reunion or just having friends over for drinks, these karaoke games will surely take your party to the next level. With options suitable for everyone, from the outgoing to the shy, our games will have everyone singing and laughing in no time. So put on those party hats and get ready for some fun!

1. Karaoke Roulette

Perfect for a large group of people, Karaoke Roulette is a game that will keep everyone entertained. Write down a list of songs on pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Each person takes turns picking a song from the bowl and singing it, no matter how good or bad their choice is. This game is perfect for karaoke bars and are bound to bring out some hidden talents and hilarious renditions of popular songs.

2. Karaoke Charades

This game puts a twist on the classic charades by adding in some singing! Teams take turns acting out random songs and the other team has to guess the title of the song. This game is great for getting people out of their comfort zones while still having fun.

3. Finish the Lyric

A perfect game for those who are competitive at heart, 'Finish the Lyric' is all about testing your music knowledge. One person starts singing a popular song and stops at a certain point, the other players then have to finish the lyrics. Points can be awarded for correct answers and bonus points for singing in tune!

4. Karaoke Relay

Divide your guests into two teams and set up two karaoke machines at opposite ends of the room. One person from each team starts singing a song until they reach the chorus, then they must run to the other end and tag their teammate who has to continue singing from where they left off. This fast-paced game is sure to bring out some hilarious performances.

5. Name That Tune

A classic game that never fails to entertain, 'Name That Tune' can be easily adapted for karaoke parties. One person sings a few lines from a song and the other players have to guess the title. For an added challenge, try restricting the songs to a particular genre or time period.

6. Karaoke Idol

This game is perfect for those who love a good competition. Each guest gets a chance to pick their favorite song and perform it in front of the group. The rest of the guests then score them on their performance and the person with the highest score at the end is crowned 'Karaoke Idol'.

7. Karaoke Jenga

A twist on the popular game, Karaoke Jenga combines singing with a steady hand. Write a different song title on each block of a Jenga tower and as players take turns pulling out blocks, they have to sing the corresponding song. The tower falls? Everyone has to sing a song together!

8. Karaoke Pictionary

This game requires two teams and works similarly to regular Pictionary, except players have to draw scenes or objects from popular songs. The other team then has to guess the title of the song within a certain time limit.

9. Musically Mad Libs

A fun game for those who love improv, Musically Mad Libs puts a musical twist on the classic word game. Players take turns filling in the blanks of popular songs with random words and then perform the song together.

10. Singing Secrets

This game is perfect for getting to know your fellow karaoke enthusiasts better. Before the party, have each guest write down their favorite song and their least favorite song. During the party, each person has to sing both songs and the rest of the guests have to guess which one is their favorite and which one is their least favorite.

So there you have it, 10 fun karaoke games to play at your next party wether its in the comfort of your home or in a private karaoke booth on a night out. With a variety of options suitable for all ages and personalities, these games are sure to make your party a hit. So warm up those vocal cords and get ready for some karaoke fun! And remember, the best part about these games is that they don't require any talent, just a willingness to have a good time. Happy singing! 

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