6 October 2022

Does Online Entertainment Make us More or Less Stressed Out

It's no secret that people spend a lot of time online these days. Taking a step away from problems and issues in real life is more than a welcomed respite for most people. The online world is an escape from reality that we all need, although it can also help us to address some of the issues we are having (for example, it can lead men to somewhere like this ED Clinic West Palm Beach), making it a valuable part of everyday life.  

Sometimes, you just need to disconnect from the real world and simply do something seamless like check out NFL odds, for instance, or binge watch three years' worth of content in one day. 

But is spending so much time online really good for us? It depends on how much time we do actually spend in the online world. Everything is good as long as we do it in moderation. So are we more or less stressed out from online entertainment? Let's find out.

How does online entertainment affect our stress levels?

Everything depends on what type of entertainment we consume and for how long. Watch a boring TV show long enough, and you'll get frustrated. This means you'll get stressed out and annoyed that you gave that TV show a shot in the first place. 

On the other hand, watch an awesome movie or read a great eBook, and you'll feel relaxed and less stressed out. Therefore, how online entertainment affects our stress levels depends on the content itself, the technology we use and whether or not we're in the right mood to consume it. 

The effects of online entertainment on our emotions

Every source of entertainment can affect our emotions in more ways than one. For example, if you're feeling sad, then listening to a downtempo song will make you even sadder. But maybe that's exactly what you need. Stimuli will amplify your emotions so that you can vent and get them out of your system. Therefore, it goes without saying that different types of entertainment affect our emotions, but how we use that entertainment will determine whether or not our stress levels will go up or down.

What types of online entertainment are most effective at reducing stress?

That depends on the individual and the content they prefer. Some people like playing video games to get rid of stress, while others prefer reading a book in a quiet place. However, the most effective method to relieve stress is listening to music because music directly influences our brains and the hormones our bodies will produce to make us feel better. 


Online entertainment is widely popular today, but it is debatable whether it makes us more or less stressed out. It all comes down to individual preferences and the amount of, as well as the type of content we consume on a daily basis. 

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