14 January 2022

4 Top Tips For Working On The Go

At the start of the millennium, most workers were confined to the office. They would get up early, make the stressful commute into work, put in their eight hours, then make their long way home. But now things are very different.

Advances in technology have enabled us to enjoy a more flexible working arrangement. It is not only possible to work from home or a nearby coffee shop,  but also study or even order a paper written online. Remote working allows you to be less restricted, and saves you time otherwise spent traveling into a fixed workplace.

But some people still prefer the controlled environment of the office. Perhaps you find it is more conducive to productivity, or you favour the social aspect of chatting with your colleagues. If you travel a lot and need to get your work done while on the move, you may find it difficult to get into the right headspace. If this sounds like you, don’t let this impact your work. Here are four top tips to help you perform effectively while on the move.

Get the right tools

Working while on the move is easier than ever, but only if you have the right tools for the job. If you’re using a decades-old phone or a laptop with a dodgy internet connection then you're going to struggle. Make sure you have a good smartphone and a mobile plan with plenty of data allowance for when WiFi is unavailable. Using a service provider like Xfinity internet is a great way to ensure both your tech and connections are up to scratch. Carry a power bank with you for emergency charging, and a compact laptop for more in-depth tasks. A pair of Bluetooth headphones is one of the best telephone accessories you can own, as it allows you to make work calls whenever you need to with minimal fuss.

Know where the WiFi is

When you’re traveling around, the last thing you want is to be desperately hunting for an internet connection. Make sure you know a few reliable places where you can get good WiFi in a pinch. Coffee shops, restaurants and libraries are perfect for this. 

Be flexible

When you work in an office, you become accustomed to a fixed routine. You get up at the same time every morning, start work at 9pm and finish your day at 5pm. But if you’re working on the go, you have to be more flexible. There are so many variables out of your control, such as travel times, unreliable internet connections, and differing time zones. You need to be able to adapt to these factors if you want to get ahead. Be prepared to work early mornings and late nights at times.

Take a Break

Trying to juggle travel and work can be stressful, so it’s important you look after your mental health. If you’re not careful you could end up taking on too much and succumbing to burnout. Make sure you take some time each day to do something for yourself. Some people look to herbal supplements to help with an energy boost too. You may need to try a few strains to find the one most stimulating and effective for you. Alongside this, you can read a book, listen to a podcast, or strap on your trainers and go for a quick run. This will help you wind down and you’ll feel much happier and more productive when you return to your work.

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