31 December 2021

Tech Tips To Help You When Working From Home

Working from home has lots of benefits, whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur. To make the best of the experience you’ll need the right software and processes. To help you improve your remote performance try taking on board these ideas.

1 . A strong wifi connection

When you’re working from home you’ll need to ensure that you have a strong wifi connection. It’s best to invest in fiber optic broadband, this type of connection will ensure the highest speeds possible. If you’re struggling with your wifi you can use a personal hotspot as a temporary solution. Hotspotting is also useful when you’re working away from home. To learn how does hotspotting work, check out the article on the Smarty website.

2. Secure your home network

When you’re working remotely it’s important to make sure that your network is secure there are lots of ways that you can do this including:

  • Use a home network security system.

  • Consider using a virtual private network.

  • Invest in antivirus and anti-malware software.

  • Hide your network from view.

  • Use a strong password.

Unless you have proper security you could experience issues with your network. To avoid productivity lulls it’s best to have the right measures in place.

3. Try productivity gadgets

If you work from home it can sometimes be hard to stay productive. To help you out, consider investing in productivity gadgets. A few examples of work from home gadgets include:

  • A standing desk can help you to improve your posture and boost productivity.

  • An under desk bike can help you to boost your energy levels.

  • Ergonomic keyboards are useful to prevent wrist pain.

  • Bluetooth keyboards can easily be paired with your different devices.

  • Noise-canceling headphones can improve focus and concentration.

  • Tools like Toogl can help you to save time and create a schedule.

4. Video conferencing apps

Video conferencing software is the best way to communicate with your remote team. With the help of video tools, you can host meetings, or interact with clients. Some software has webinar tools so that you can interact with your audience too. Before you choose a software tool it can be useful to take a look at reviews. Some software platforms offer free versions, which can be useful if you’re looking to save money. There are lots of different options to choose from such as:

  • Zoom

  • Ring Central

  • Zoho Meeting

  • Blue Jeans

5. Project management software

When you’re working remotely, project management software can help you to communicate, collaborate and get organized. With the help of project management tools, you can set tasks, share info, create deadlines, assign subtasks, and lots more. PM tools usually feature Gannt chants, helping your team to visualize various projects. There are lots of advantages of using PM software such as:

  • You can help your team to get organized.

  • It’s much easier to visualize your projects.

  • Can collaborate with your team no matter where you are.

  • There are plenty of different project management tools to choose from.

  • Many PM tools offer free versions.

6. Apps to unwind

Working remotely sounds chilled but it can sometimes feel stressful and claustrophobic. To help you to unwind, try using meditation and self-care apps. There are plenty of different apps that you can try including Headspace, Calm, Shine, and Innerhour. These tools have plenty of different features including breathing exercises, journaling tasks, positive affirmations, and much more.

When you’re working from home it’s important to achieve a good work-life balance. It can be difficult to do this, so you may need to set boundaries. These ideas may come in handy:

  • Create a schedule so that you avoid working too late into the evening.

  • Maintain a healthy workload, (discuss this with co-workers if you need to).

  • Create boundaries with the other people you live with (your children, spouse, or friends).

7. Improve your setup

Improving your work-from-home setup can help you to boost your productivity. Here are a few options to try:

  • Upgrade your laptop to improve performance, speed, and storage.

  • Add a second monitor to your set-up.

  • Use productivity apps to keep track of time and monitor performance.

  • Ensure that you use an ergonomic chair.

  • Add home office plants to lift your spirits.

8. Social media management

All companies need some kind of social media presence, using social marketing it’s easy to boost brand awareness. To help you improve your social media strategy try using social media management tools. Some of the most popular social media management tools include Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and AgoraPulse. These tools include features to help you create, schedule, and publish posts. There are also analytics tools so that you can keep track of performance. 

Remember, it’s important to establish clear social media policies. If your employees publish content that they shouldn't, it could end up damaging your reputation. When you’re developing your social media campaigns the following ideas my come in handy:

  • Use video content to drive engagement

  • Consider running social media contests.

  • Try user-generated content, for an authentic campaign.

  • Employee generated content can also boost engagement.

9. Gather customer data

Gathering customer data is the best way to improve your products and services, you can do this by running customer surveys, and sending emails. You can also try technology such as heat-mapping tools. This software can help you to monitor user behavior on your website and blog. Taking a close look at user behavior is a great way to assess your performance. Other ways to gather customer data include:

  • Use net promoter score surveys.

  • Run focus groups.

  • Use social media.

  • Chatbots can also collect data.

With the help of these tech tips, you’ll thrive when working from home. So long as you support your remote staff, you can’t go far wrong. To boost your own productivity levels remember to set goals and monitor your performance. Tracking your performance over time is the best way to make improvements.

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