20 December 2021

FEATURE: Christmas Stocking Fillers 2021 #4

Nearly there!

As the big day looms ever closer, precious gift buying time is quickly diminishing. Fortunately we've got you covered with yet another group of random lovely stuff with which to populate the underside of a Christmas tree, or to plump up a festive stocking. Delve in!

myFirst Headphones BC Wireless

We've had the pleasure of reviewing a few pairs of bone-conducting headphones in the past, but these from myFirst Headphones are aimed squarely at kids. The BC Wireless work just like grown-up 'phones, sitting just in front of the ear, but are sized for younger skulls. That means kids can enjoy music and gaming, while still being able to hear everything going on around them. They're waterproof, are extremely light and comfortable, and feature a rechargeable battery with a life of five hours continuous playback. Perfect for long car rides and flights, these are awesome headphones.


Visit myfirst.tech

Gioteck SC3 Wireless Pro PS4 Controller

If the gamers in your life play as regularly and as hard as the ones we know, you'll know they can quickly burn through controllers. A brand-spanking new controller is always a great gift, but even more so when it's wireless, looks great, and can be customised... just like the SC3 Wireless Pro from Gioteck. As well as being a sturdily-built controller for the PS4, it comes with optional, click-on plates to change the appearance - like applying armour to a tank. It feels great to hold, features everything you need to tackle all PS4 games, and could probably survive the odd 'rage quit' throw.


Available from amazon.co.uk

Smart Toys & Games IQ Circuit and Happy Cube

Stocking fillers for the puzzle-lovers in your life are always a tricky affair, but we've found a couple of winners from Smart Toys & Games. The IQ Circuit and Happy Cube are perfect for kids and grown-ups alike, setting a hands-on challenge to get the neurons firing. IQ Circuit involves setting the shapes into the case to connect the dots, like completing a circuit, while Happy Cube is a 3D jigsaw-like puzzle, building the cubes and shapes set in the included challenge sheet. Both are fun and both won't be breaking the bank.


Visit smarttoysandgames.co.uk

Planet Buddies Wired Headphones

If high-tech bone-conducting headphones are somewhat surplus to your festive requirements, might we suggest these low-cost, high-thinking alternatives? The Planet Buddies range of headphones for kids feature fun fauna friends from endangered species, to which the company is dedicated to drawing attention. We were sent a rather spiffing green pair featuring Milo the Turtle, and our young tester found them fun, comfortable, and safe - they're limited to 85 decibels, as recommended by the World Health Organization. Check out Milo and his mates.

£19.99 (£13.99 until 31st December, 2021!)

Visit planetbuddies.com

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