5 July 2021

Must-Have Accessories & Design Tools for Graphic Designers


As a graphic designer, you should aim for the best in industry tools that can add value to your creativity. With a plethora of graphic tools out there, you need to select them intelligently, keeping in mind your hardware and software specifications.

Buy a MacBook Pro

Apple's largest laptop-MacBook Pro (16-inch), is a great investment that you have made towards fulfilling your dreams. A larger screen of the new release is what you need to focus on your design work. Moreover, the keyboard is better than before and allows for quick access to some of the best design shortcuts.

Since you like to edit, manipulate, or redesign images and other content, you need a fully reliable system with exceptional battery life.

Expand Your Hard Drive

You can optimize your mac disk space to tune it up to your growing graphic designing needs. As a creative professional, you might have to create and store many large files of your design work. Moving your data to hard drives or solid-state drives will help to make a lot of storage on your system.

The best thing about external storage disks is that they are portable, and you can carry them anywhere. Keep your data safe and available on the go by having reliable and durable external storage.

Shop for Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is an extremely powerful app for graphic designers as it allows transforming creative thinking into digital artwork. With thousands of designs and editing tools, the application allows you to build confidence in your skills.

It enables designers to create digital designs using countless tools, graphics, options, and settings and give life to their artwork. Photoshop encourages you to stay motivated towards your professional goals through daily lessons and emails.

Illustrate Your Art with Adobe Illustrator

Try 2D and 3D graphic manipulations with Adobe Illustrator and experience significant workflow efficiency. The application allows professional digital designers to put wings to their ideas and bring up a piece of artwork worth admiring. The is especially useful if you want to be the best children's book illustrator that you can be. You can create logos, sketches, and icons using Adobe Illustrator, as the application comes with premium tools to simplify art. Adobe Illustrator is undoubtedly the best tool that an experienced as well as beginner graphic designer must have in their arsenal.

Install Desygner for Infinite Designs

Desygner is an online alternative for Adobe Illustrator and helps to tweak tiny changes to your artwork in case Adobe Illustrator is not available. See it as the lighter version of today's load-heavy professional editing applications that are difficult to access on every system.

It gives you access to thousands of pre-built design templates with countless shapes and icons. The tool integrates a built-in PDF editor that allows users to edit these documents in a few simple steps.

Build Your Own Color Palette with Coolers

The right color selection is an important yet complex task for a graphic designer; however, you need to do it with all attention and loyalty. Coolers is a powerful color scheme generator that allows you to create and share a vibrant color palette within a few seconds.

If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot of new things about the world of colors from Coolers. Digital designs are evolving, and you can select the colors you want and generate your Material Design palette, and download it in multiple file formats, including PDF, PNG, SVG, and more.

Buy a Pair of Earphones

Earphones are a must-have gadget as they not only let you hear your favorite music in your own space but help you relax your mind and focus on your artwork. If you are looking to buy a new earphone set for yourself, do not forget to find a wireless set with noise cancellation capabilities.

Have a Backup App to Save Data Loss

We have discussed graphic designing tools, external storage, earphones, and more, but one tool that you can't compromise with is a good backup tool. Since you are putting in so much hard work in creating your artwork, having a reliable backup can save losing it by accidental deletion or formatting.

Backup applications serve as a silver lining when you experience data loss by any means. Having at least one copy of the backup is mandatory as you can restore it back to the device if you lost any or all of your artwork. Backup works like instilling life back to the system and enlightening it with valuable data.

So, these are some of the essential tools that every graphic designer, regardless of their experience or professional expertise, must have in their design and technical toolkit. An excellent editing tool can accelerate your design work, while gadgets like earphones enable you to enjoy your artwork to the fullest. 

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