21 November 2020

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2020 #2


With just over a month to go to what will be a (probably) weird Christmas thanks to 'Rona, we're back with yet more goodies to fill the stockings of your loved ones. Here's another mixed bag, with a bit of something for everyone.

Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank

We may only associate magical power coming from the famous teenage wizard, but did you know he can also charge your phone? Thankfully, no magical incantation is required to juice up your mobile, as this Potter-themed powerbank delivers 2500mAh of power. Styled for Harry himself (with other characters available, too) you simply plug in the included USB cable and let the boy wizard do this thing.


Vist www.thepowersquad.com

Hydro Flask Coffee with Flex Sip

Hydro Flask always seem to be able to deliver a great product that everyone wants, as we've discovered previously. Their latest drinking receptacle is designed for coffee on the go and features an innovative way to make sure your daily brew stays put. The Flex Sip lid simply twists to open, but includes two layers of seals on the inside, offering extra leak-proof security. Couple that with a vacuum insulated body and a choice of colours, and the Hydro Flask Coffee cup is a win-win for sticking under the tree this Christmas.


Visit www.hydroflask.com

IMO Dash

As we've discovered previously, inexpensive dumb phones make for great stocking fillers. Be it for a kid wanting a way to keep in touch with mum or dad, so someone wanting to escape the connectivity jungle at the weekends, simple phones are perfect. Following our recent review of their impressive Q4 Pro smartphone, IMO fired over the Dash, a dumb phone with some exciting specs. This tiny package (just 85g) features 3G, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, a Micro SD card slot, and clear calling and texting. And that's pretty much all you want from a 'switch off' phone. That, and it ain't half a pretty little thing.

£16.99 on PAYG with Tesco Mobile

Visit www.tescomobile.com

Below the Belt Gift Sets

Whereas all the items featured in the guide will suit someone of any gender, here we have something just for the lads. Below the Belt are a company that specialise in grooming products for...well.. below the belt, helping chaps keep their balls nice and fresh. We were happily sent their Sport set, featuring a pair of supportive boxer shorts, and some 'Fresh & Dry Balls' lotion, designed especially for sweaty testicles. Excellent. When the gyms reopen, this will be very welcome.


Visit btbgrooming.co.uk

Joby FreeHold

Yes, you want to capture amazing selfies for Insta, but no, you never carry around that little action pod you got to stand your phone on. Joby have just solved that issue with the FreeHold; a smartphone grip that doubles as a tripod holder. The FreeHold features an elastic finger band that extends out to take your finger, great for a more comfortable and secure grip when snapping away. But it also features a concealed clip that allows you to fix either the included bendy arms grip (like a scaled down GorillaPod), or the tripod adaptor, complete with standard tripod screw. This means you'll always have everything you need to set up the perfect shot.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Bluebeards Revenge Gift Sets

More goodness for the boys, these sets from friends of the site Bluebeards Revenge will see your hairy faces kept in tip-top condition well into 2021. We were sent a couple to get our mushes stuck into: the shaving cream/post-shave balm set, and the soap stack set. We've tried the cream and balm separately before and always loved it, so it was great to get both in one set. Meanwhile, the Soap Stack was a delight - both visually and to wash with. Containing three bars of soap, the classic ice, the 'big blue bar', and the Cuban Gold, this makes for a delightful (and weighty) gift. Check them out.

Cream & Balm set £18.99

Soap Stack set £13.99

Visit www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk


This would make a great gift for someone you know who is heavily into tech and personal data security. NOTE: do not get this for your gran, then. YubiKey create small, personal encryption keys for mobile devices and computers. That means that you essentially have a physical key that you carry around with you to authenticate passwords and encryption on your tech. YubiKey were kind enough to send us the YubiKey 5 NFC designed for devices with full sized USB slots like laptops and desktops, and the YubiKey 5Ci featuring both a USB-C and Lightning connector, perfect for your phone. Both keys can be encrypted and work however you want to them to, offering extreme protection for all your precious digital stuff. Yep, even all your nude selfies, perv!

5 NFC £39.99

5Ci £67.99

Visit www.amazon.co.uk 

WowWee Power Treads Epic Course Pack

Aaaaaand finally... some toys! Woop! Power Treads is a new range of playsets that feature 'all-surface vehicles'. Essentially, these are tank-like, battery powered toys that use treads to climb up and over all kinds of terrain. The fun is not in the driving of the vehicle, but rather in the laying of the course. You can switch the Power Treads on, but can't steer it, so instead place down the many pieces of included terrain and obstacles for it to navigate. You can also assemble the tread parts in any colour combination you like, to mix up the design. This was fun, challenging, and perfect for kids of all genders and ages.


Available from www.smythstoys.com

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