23 October 2020

REVIEW: D-Link Smart Full HD WiFi Camera

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We all might have been spending more time at home recently, but that doesn't mean our sense of home security should take a nose drive. Be it for monitoring your house plants while on holiday, or capturing any cheeky tea-leaves who try to pinch all your stuff, a WiFi security camera is always a sound investment. We check out one of D-Link's latest offerings, the Smart Full HD WiFi Camera (DCS 8325LH)

This feature-packed new camera stands out from the crowd by way of some clever AI programming. Basically (and if you own one or several WiFi cameras you'll know this all true well) existing cameras can be a bit dumb when it comes to detecting 'real' movement. We've been alerted in the past several times an hour because the light kept changing as clouds passed before the sun. This led us to lower the sensitivity level of the camera's motion detection, meaning it was less effective.

So, how have D-Link solved that annoying problem? Well, they taught the Smart Full HD WiFi Camera the difference between human movement and all other kinds of movement. The AI tracking therefore can tell the difference between a sudden cloud shadow creeping along your hallway, and a potential intruder.

It does this via a 151 degree lens, through a 1080p sensor. Therefore the image is clear enough to see small details (depending on your connection to the internet via the mydlink app), especially the faces of the people the camera records. Which is important for a security gadget.

But, as impressive as all that is, we were most impressed by the sheer wealth of customisable features available with the D-Link Smart Full HD WiFi Camera. Using the aforementioned free app, you can set various conditions to your motion and sound monitoring to ensure you get exactly the kind of alerts you want.

Boundary-crossing detection is interesting, as it allows you to set a physical line for the camera to watch. If anything crosses over that line, then the motion sensor is triggered and you get an alert. The most useful way of using this feature, we thought, was to monitor who is going into your bedroom to snoop through your stuff. Hey, students – food for thought.

There is also multi-zone monitoring, letting you get alerts for several zones in the same field of view, and priority zone protection, good for monitoring a really sensitive single area, like a child's cot. All these features work excellently in full day light, but also in the dark thanks to the five-metre range night vision.

There's a two-way communicator, so you can talk to (or scream at) whoever appears on screen, and everything is contained in a very compact, sleek package. It's definitely one of the better looking WiFi security cameras available right now, and the inclusion of an extra-long USB power lead means you can mount it anywhere – even on the ceiling.

Although home security might have dropped off your radar recently, due to the fact that many of us have been prisoners in our own homes, the D-Link Smart Full HD WiFi Camera is definitely an investment to consider, once things (hopefully) return to normal and you're venturing out more, once again.

After all, you need something to keep an eye on all that new crap you bought on Amazon over the past few months.


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