20 March 2020

REVIEW: Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector

Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector review

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If you've ever experienced a film or TV show on a wide-cast projector at home, you might not truly understand how exciting it can be. While most people might concern themselves with buying ever larger and more detailed TV screens, we urge you to pause a moment and consider this: the Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector.

Okay, okay... projectors will never be as convenient as TVs. You can't really just turn one on and immediately start watching without the situation being right - namely a dark room with either a clean white wall or screen. But... and here's where they really shine... a projector such as the Philips NeoPrix Prime can offer a screen size of up to 120" for the fraction of the cost of a TV that offers the same.

Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector review

Plus, the Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector is small. Technically a 'mini'projector, the unit is only 22cm wide, and weighs just 1.2kg. It can placed or mounted just about anywhere, and cast HD images (720p) up to that impressive size of 120". That's three God damn metres, bitches!

You can then please yourself with what you hook up to it, as it boasts connections including HDMI, VGA, USB, SD Card and headphone jack, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth... which is really important. As it features phone mirroring you show videos and photos from your handset, or just stream over WiFi.

Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector review

The Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector does feature stereo speakers, which are actually pretty good. However, to get a real cinema feel, you need to hook up external speakers, which is where the Bluetooth comes in handy. Set it up to project on a wall, connect a decent pair of wireless speakers near the wall, and it both looks and sounds great.

Still, those built-in speakers will be of note to business people who are considering getting this for portable presentations. It's light enough to make it a perfect travelling projector, and you'll only ever need the power cable as you can connect your laptop via WiFi. Boxes ticked.

Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector review

All the standard projection controls are present here, and you can adjust your image to your heart's content. We're happy to see a manual focus on the main beam, and also an adjustable keystone via the included remote. It can be mounted to the ceiling, should you wish, via the tripod screw on the underside and the ability to flip the image. Or you can just sit it on a desk, fiddle with the tilt screw, and let it do its thing.

It's compact, light, features a multitude of controls, and casts an impressively large and high-def picture. For both home and business use, the Philips NeoPrix Prime Projector is ideal.


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