7 September 2019

REVIEW: Blue Maestro

Review of Blue Maestro
Staying connected

Wireless devices let us know things we shouldn't. They allow us to keep an eye on things where we aren't. Clever, innit? However, if you think a WiFi connected security camera will cover all your monitoring needs, you're wrong. If you need to to know the minute details of your environment, from temperature to humidly, prepare to get blue. We check a few devices from Blue Maestro.

Blue Maestro is the award-winning tech company you've probably never heard of. Despite bagging an array of awards over the past few years, they're a new company on us. Using small, Bluetooth-connected devices made in the US and UK, Blue Maestro offer solutions for environment monitoring at home and at work.

Review of Blue Maestro

We were sent a couple to try out, the Pebble 4 in 1 Bluetooth Environment Monitor and the smaller Tempo 3 in 1 Bluetooth Environmental. The latter of the two is a small, coin-sized gadget that looks very much like a Bluetooth tracker you might hang from your keys, while the former is a curvy white plastic object that demands to be touched.

Review of Blue Maestro

Both use low-energy Bluetooth to talk to your phone via Blue Maestro's app, available for iOS and Android. Using built-in sensors they can track temperature, humidity and dew point, while the Pebble can also monitor pressure.

Speaking of the Pebble, we were amazed to discover that, using only two normal AA batteries, it boasts a battery life of up to five years of continuous monitoring. This means you can set it up in an area you need to keep an eye on (aided by the inclusion of a wall mount) and forget about it, dipping int to check the levels in the app periodically.

Review of Blue Maestro

The Tempo is a much more portable device that can be easily affixed to any surface with the included silicone holder. Whereas the Pebble has 'gadget presence', in that it looks interesting and cool, the Tempo disk is all business and can be secreted somewhere harder to reach. It too has an impressive battery life, getting a full year of continuous monitoring from one coin cell battery.

Review of Blue Maestro

So what would you use these things for? Well, as we learnt from the Blue Maestro app, nothing particularly glamorous. The app is a cold, numbers-heavy affair, designed to offer the user just the data, with no bells and whistles. It's also important to point out that neither the Pebble nor the Tempo have WiFi, meaning the only way to get the data to the internet is via Bluetooth from your phone.

You can purchase a Bluetooth bridge from Blue Maestro to solve that issue, but without it these things are very much about local, wireless monitoring. That's why they might be best suited for businesses and small industry, rather than everyday home use.

However, the data comes thick and fast when hooked up remotely to your phone. We tested the temperature monitor against other devices and both offerings from Blue Maestro out paced them in terms of rate of change and data delivery. While you might not need such sensitive monitoring of your home environment, preferring to stick with a security system, for small businesses these things are great.

Pebble 4 in 1 Environment Monitor £50 from www.amazon.co.uk

Tempo 3 in 1 Environmental £45 from www.amazon.co.uk

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