18 June 2019

What’s in it for you? Pros and Cons of Indoor Home Security Cameras

As the world evolves and strives for progress every year, technology has become more convenient and advanced wherein the use of it becomes a double-edged sword for anyone that uses such a tool.

While it is true that the innovation and upgrades technology brought us, do have several benefits, it is undeniable that it can also be used to create problems. Now, this is the part where many people might have reaped of its advantages, but a few have vested interests in abusing its use.

The security camera is one of the fruits of modern technology which can be used at offices or the comfort of your home. Nowadays, it has gained immense fame as an effective security measure.

However, just like in any other inventions, these said cameras have few setbacks as well. The advantages of a security camera or house alarm system do outnumber the disadvantages, but if you are thinking of installing the said cameras at your home, then both advantages and disadvantages should be known to you.

What Are Its Advantages?

Here comes the first discussion of having an indoor home security camera, in which its advantages might make you want to buy one.

Crime Prevention

This reason is the most apparent reason or benefits as to why people keep on opting to install indoor security cameras. With this, people that live within the four walls will be able to feel its effect, like starting to feel a sense of security, which everyone needs and be assured in life.

Just by the mere sight of the security camera staring right back at them and the sheer thought that someone can see what they are doing even if “no one” was around can intimidate an individual that is up for mischief to think thrice before actually doing the deed.

Whether you are currently experiencing problems that are related to burglary or you just want to ensure your home’s security, having an indoor security camera will empower you and prevent your home from becoming an easy target.


May it be monitoring activities or scenarios; security camera makes it easy to work with since it can be placed in any area that you want to be monitored. The security camera comes in all shapes and sizes, thus some cameras are small enough to be hidden in between plants, pictures, or books. Depending on your need for monitoring.

Gathering Pieces of Evidence

Strategically installed security cameras will come in handy if ever you will need it to monitor actions or words of people during an occasion. The indoor security cameras come with audio now, that could be coupled with flawless sound that makes it efficient at a recording of happenings.

What are Its Disadvantages?

Now that we are done with the discussion of its advantages, let us now discuss the disadvantages that it brings. Remember that the disadvantages do not make you feel not to buy the equipment, rather, it helps in making you decide whether you should buy it or not.

Privacy Issue

Well, since security cameras are all about seeing what is supposed to be unseen when no one is around in the area— privacy has become an issue.

Controversies have stirred up in places, especially to those that are in professional setups. There have been even cases wherein the employees have objected to being under surveillance 24/7 without their permission.

Although the security camera is intended for your home, privacy issues will still be a talk, since it may make one of your family members or anyone within the premises of your home to be conscious about private activities that they will be doing.

Can be Costly

It is not a surprise that security cameras cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Actually, it highly depends on your camera’s feature and how many will you install within the premises of your house. Additionally, getting them installed and maintained means an added expense and budget on your behalf.

Now, if you are thinking that you will just install them by yourself, which is not incorrect and no one’s stopping you. However, make sure that you lay that idea to rest first before doing it, and ensure that you have good knowledge about its wiring system or you might end up damaging the equipment.


True, security cameras might help prevent some burglary. However, you should not forget that thefts and criminals are getting clever too. What you should know is that they are updated on the latest security systems that they might be able to do something about.

Like the tech-savvy intruders, that might already have understood how the equipment works, such as disabling and disconnecting them from the power source itself or hacking their way inside or outside of your house’s premises.

Author’s Bio

Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cyber security.

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