19 September 2018

FEATURE: Autumn Apparel

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You can now be certain that the summer here in Britain has officially ended, as The Test Pit crew have started to wear more than simple t-shirts and shorts. To weddings. Yes, our garment-sourcing attention has fully turned toward the autumn, and all the multilayer goodness that involves. We've returned with another packed feature of clothing items that are perfect to don as the weather heads fully into a wintery wonderland.

Snugpak Torrent Insulated Jacket

We begin with a big boy; the kind of overcoat that will see you right well into the worst of the cold weather this year. The Torrent Jacket from Snugpak (makers of sleeping bags, including other outdoors-y stuff) features the company's exclusive softie insulation, which manages to keep you as worm as possible, without a huge amount of bulk. The jacket also boasts taped seams meaning it is fully waterproof.

The coat is breathable, has a temperature comfort level down to -5 degrees, and features a removable waterproof hood. There are hand pockets to keep those mitts toasty on a chilly day, and a breast pocket for your phone during a downpour. Available in black, green or blue (which we received and prefer from the three), the Snugpak Torrent jacket is a great choice for cold weather this autumn. It'll probably last you a good few autumns hence, as well.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Harris Tweed Green Barleycorn Tweed Jacket

Next up is a jacket for those days when you aren't exactly scaling Ben Nevis, but do fancy having the look of a landed gent. This Harris Tweed jacket from suit experts Dobell is all about style, while packing in a lot of practicality for cooler days. The Harris Tweed is thick and lush, making it a perfect outer coat, while the smart cut and formal lines means it could also be worn out to dinner.

If you've never owned a Harris Tweed jacket, get this. You'll be amazed at how snug it can keep you, while also how breathable it is. Never did this jacket feel sweltering or itchy (as you might expect something made from virgin wool to be), but instead it was comfortable on both those warm early September days, and during the chilly windy period we're currently experiencing. And hey, it's Harris Tweed... that means a lot.


Sherpa Nima Long Sleeve T-shirt

Moving down the layers, we have this versatile garment from Sherpa. The Nima is essentially a long-sleeve tee, but one made from a sturdy poly/cotton blend. You could wear it as is with just a jacket over the top, or use it as a comfy base-layer when venturing out into the wilderness. Up to thee.

The Nima is unique in that it uses 'Drirelease' fabric which is breathable, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, as well as being resistant to creasing. All told, this is a useful bit of kit to own, regardless of whether you're heading up a mountain, or heading down the pub. Also, just as we discovered last year with Sherpa, the 'prayer flag' reenforcement strip on the inside of the neck helps to prevent the head-hole from stretching, keeping the tee in shape. We like the details.

Aldi Cord Trousers

Yeah, we're including Aldi in this. Get us. Seriously though, at time of publishing the budget supermarket (and purveyor of curiously random cheap deals) has a new fashion range in store and online, and some of it is actually pretty great. We're paying particular attention to a pair of men's cord trousers, which are tough, comfortable, look great, and... amazingly... will set you back less than a tenner.

No joke, this awesome pair of pants is currently only £9.99. The new fashion Specialbuy range will be available from 23rd September and we heartily recommend you check it out. As well as the trousers, chaps can enjoy discounted shoes, jumpers, and rugby shirts, while the ladies will salivate over dresses, cardigans, and boots. All decent, all cheap as chips. Think of it as saving for Christmas.

SueMe Women's Beech Shorties

It's always nice to start a new season with a fresh pair of knickers, and we've found some ultra-comfy ones... made from a tree. Yep, the beech mentioned in the name actually means a beech tree, in that these are made from sustainable beech tree pulp. However, unlike popping a real tree up against your genitals, the SueMe shorties are soft, stretchy, and great for sports.

With 5% Lyrca added to the mix, they retain their shape and help to you keep you in the right shape, too. Naturally antibacterial, they feature flat seams that are away from areas that tend to suffer from chaffing and boast a double layer gusset. Because, y'know...

£20 a pair

Visit sueme.com

Salomon Outline GTX Hiking Shoes

'But I don't hike', we hear you moan, but hold on. You see, regardless of what you're doing in them, a pair of Salomon shoes is s great investment. We've discovered this before, and the Outline GTX are no exception, being damn comfortable and hella sturdy. Even for padding across town to get to the office, these shoes will see you right.

Being sold as multifunctional shoes, with 'sneaker-like' comfort, these babies represent Salomon's belief that not all of their customers are outdoors every day, which is why the Outline GTX work well in all environments. We took them on one of our random hikes across the North York Moors, and we took them along the road to Costa; no matter where they went, they did so effectively and comfortably. They got grip, they got waterproofing, and they got style, player.


Visit www.salomon.com

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