19 April 2018

REVIEW: Salomon Outpath Pro GTX multi-purpose shoes

Best foot forward

We write this review on the hottest day of 2018 so far - a day that caught everyone here in the UK by surprise, resulting in some very sweaty people trudging about. It goes to show that no matter what time of year it is, the weather, and your local environment, can quickly change. We mention this because lately we've been testing an unusual pair of shoes; ones designed for a multitude of physical tasks in various types of conditions. We check out the Salomon Outpath Pro GTX.

Salomon themselves refer to these as hiking shoes, and it's easy to see why. They're tough, robustly made, and feature a very reassuring grip on the sole. You also might have noticed the unusual top section with a zip. This protective gaitor is waterproof and fastens over conventional laces on the inside. So you lace up your shoes as usual, then zip-close the top layer, securing with a press-stub button at the ankle.

This unusual design makes the Salomon Outpath Pro GTX waterproof, so if you're hiking in damp conditions, or splashing through puddles, your feet will stay nice and dry. However, the Outpath Pro GTX are also exceptionally light, meaning faster, more intensive activities can be undertaken while wearing them, such as running. They might not look like it, but they make great running and jogging shoes, especially in inclement weather, and the breathable materials keep you cool.

And, because it is basically the only way we get around, we wore them while cycling, too. Actually, they make perfect cycling shoes, as the grip helps to keep your feet on the peddles, while the light weight keeps your effort low. The waterproofing certainly helps if you're biking through the rain, and the the raised gaitor offered support around the ankles.

Sounds odd to have one pair of sports shoes for three quite different activities, but they really do work well. The padded insole is thick and uses injected EVA to create an effective shock-dampening feel (good for running and long walks), and the gaitor is, technically, optional, as it can be left open and folded down around the sides of the shoe.

To be honest, as great as all that was, we were most thankful for the fact that the Salomon Outpath Pro GTX stops all debris and other crap from getting into your shoes. If you're a runner, you'll know the agony of suddenly getting a pebble or small stone caught in your shoe, but the gaitor prevents that completely. However, that raised ankle section does take a bit of getting used to, and we're not too sure if you'd ever be up for wearing these as casual popping-into-town shoes, because of the unique look.

Still, if you're big on sports (many sports), but short on both space and cash, a pair Salomon Outpath Pro GTX could solve a lot of issues.


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