10 August 2018

REVIEW: Kiddimoto Ride-on Tractor

Staying on track(tor)

Kiddimoto are best known for their range of kid-friendly balance bikes (as we discovered right here), but they also do a lot more. In a bid to steer a toddler we know away from the 'modern' career path of YouTuber, we introduced them to the delights of agriculture on the Kiddimoto Ride-on Tractor.

You can probably get the gist the product from the above image - this is, just like many of their balance bikes, a predominantly wooden ride-on vehicle with no motor, battery, or pedals. The wee lovelies simply sit on top and kick their legs to get rolling, turning the working steering wheel to manoeuvre. 

Design for kids older than 12 months (but unable to keep giving rides after 20kg in weight is reached), the Kiddimoto Ride-on Tractor comes partially flat-packed and requires some assembly. Fortunately, the box-like build is easy to throw together, and from opening the package to having a crazy kid mount it to start farming the living room rug, took about 20 minutes.

It is also mostly hallow, and even the part where the steering column exists can be filled up with anything the kids want. Kiddimoto have clearly gone for the 'take a teddy bear for a ride' route, as opposed to the 'harvest the corn' route. Which makes total sense, considering.

Because of that, out testing toddler used it mostly to haul a huge number of toys and teddies around the house and garden; stuffing all available compartments with cargo. This he enjoyed greatly, and loved how the tractor could still be confidently ridden outside and across grass. The wheels of the Kiddimoto Ride-on Tractor are made of the same birch plywood, but with actual tracks on the outside edge for grip.

It all seems very sturdy, and it really should be, considering the target audience. The paintwork is well applied, and shouldn't easily chip off from collisions and bumps - unless you have a total psycho of a two year old who rides it down the park slide.

So another impressively designed, ruggedly build ride-on from Kiddimoto. Check it out.


Available from www.kiddimoto.co.uk

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